When deciding to implement a unique web element, such as custom parallax website design and development, the company you choose to execute this must be highly skilled not only in design, but also know how to wield different design elements to create a rich experience for your visitors.

The term “parallax” originated in the video game world when 2D side-scrolling effects were used to create the illusion of depth in games. In video games, this animation involved having the background of the game move slower than the foreground in order to make it seem further away. In parallax website design, the same concept is applied as the background of the website moves at a different speed than the rest of the page resulting in what can be a highly engaging, animated experience without the use of Flash. Parallax design allows for a wide range of visual effects that can be used to enhance your online communications in countless ways.

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Steer Clear of the Hazards of Parallax Design

The hazard with more trendy design features, such as parallax scrolling, is in overcoming the challenge to incorporate them into a website where it makes sense and adds to the information being imparted. So often, companies jump on a trend just to be on the leading edge without giving real thought to how that design element is impacting its visitors’ digital experience. Parallax for the sake of using a trendy design element will at best not contribute to the online experience and at worst annoy your online visitors, slow your site with the copious amounts of JavaScript and jQuery required to power it, and adversely affect your SEO rankings. Unleashed Technologies will work closely with you to ensure that if you’re looking to add parallax design elements to your site that it adds to your visitors’ experience.


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