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Brown Bags at Unleashed Technologies: What They Are & Why We Do ThemHow do we encourage a culture of continuous improvement and learning in between DrupalCons? At Unleashed Technologies, we take a practical approach and put on a series of internal Lunch and Learns we endearingly call ‘Brown Bags.’

508 Compliant - Designing for a Compliant WebWhile a website needs to be well-designed, it also needs to be easily used by visitors with visual or physical impairments. Many designers hear the popular phrase "508 Compliance" and cringe. The basis of their fear is the perception that all opportunities for creativity will be lost and their design will be left bland and flat. In reality, this is very far from the case. A designer can continue creating beautiful interfaces while keeping a few key points in mind to ensure compliance.

Drupal 8 Responsive Image ModuleWith more and more users using their phones to search the web, the demand to create faster loading web pages is ever increasing. A common issue that developers face when looking to reduce page load time is image optimization. Thanks to a recent update to Drupal 8, the Responsive Image Module allows for the cropping or scaling of images at any desired breakpoint.

Apache and Nginx Both Apache and Nginx are great for Drupal; however, there are some key differences to grasp. A few years ago, Apache was the go-to standard. Nowadays, Nginx takes the lead. At Unleashed Technologies, we use Nginx for a number of reasons.

The Importance of Platform Integration in the Technology Industry – Part 1We live and work in a world with many options. While uniformity can be nice, many of us want to use the very best product for the task at hand, even if it involves using multiple different technology platforms. Some would also argue that companies who allow for integration to their competitors’ platforms go further in the enterprise world.

Quality Assurance Throughout DiscoveryQuality Assurance (QA) is more than a project phase. Elements of Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QC) are peppered throughout the lifecycle of any project or initiative including Sales and Discovery. QA during discovery is the foundation of ensuring that quality will be systematically built into the product. Making sure that key discovery and design artifacts speak together reduces the likelihood that specifications and requirements are misinterpreted during the build. 

Growth Model by Unleashed Technologies Since its inception, Unleashed Technologies has recognized the value of ongoing maintenance and improvements to web properties through Support and Growth Packages. Technology is ever-evolving and in order to preserve or increase market share, a competitive edge must be maintained. So, the question becomes: How can a business maintain a competitive edge when technology, business strategy, and competitive landscape are continually changing?

Community Brands - The Merging of AMS CompaniesThe Association market was shaken up in April 2017 when a major merger was announced combining three of the largest players; YourMembership, Aptify, and Abila into a single container company called Community Brands. The combination of these brands represents just over 13,000 of the nation’s non-profits/associations heartbeat software known as the Association Management System (AMS).

Drupal 8 Twig TemplatesDrupal has revamped its template engine for Drupal 8 with Twig replacing PHPTemplate. PHPTemplate had been Drupal’s template engine for over a decade and this switch represents Drupal’s biggest change to their frontend architecture since 2005. Twig was created by Fabien Potencier, the creator of the Symfony framework, and its improved functionality and security has been accepted and adopted by Drupal’s newest iteration with open arms.

How to Host Drupal - Part 3Today, we are going to talk about how to choose the right database for your application. In essence, Drupal is driven by the database. You will want to select the right database system that can handle your traffic load and storage in order to have a fast performing application. MySQL is the preferred database storage for Drupal; however, what most people fail to recognize is that there are many variations of MySQL.