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Open Source vs. Proprietary CMSThere is a death coming to proprietary content management systems. The truth is open source is more than capable and in many instances, the best option for organizations looking to maximize their investment online. 

Matt GrossoUnleashed Technologies, a Columbia, MD based Wosting® (web + hosting) firm, recently announced the hiring of Matt Grosso.

Bare Metal vs. Virtual Environments In the past few years, we’ve seen a number of new terms emerge in the industry. Two of which, pertaining to cloud computing, are ‘Bare Metal’ and ‘Virtual’ environments. 

What Are Cinemagraphs?In my search of cool visual techniques for enhancing the user experience of websites, I came across the phenomenon that is the cinemagraph. With the massive influence that video implementation on the web is having with background videos and embedded video, it’s clear that animation is a huge attention-grabber and will resonate with site visitors. 

The Art of Consolidated FeedbackQuality Assurance (QA) is a critical part of every web project and initiative. It establishes that code fulfills business expectations through scope, as well as functions, performs and displays in accordance with the objectives set as the metrics for success.

Web Typography: Google Fonts, TypekitA while back, I wrote a post about the importance of custom fonts for a frontend theme. With the advancements in operating systems, font files and outlines and browsers, designers have more freedom and control than ever before with web typography.

Unleashed Technologies Joins Forces with Clutch to Host WebinarUnleashed Technologies will join forces with Clutch, an independent review firm focused on technology and software, to host a webinar that will explore "Steps for Evaluating Web Development Firms for Your Business Needs.”

Proactive Status Communication Proposal, Planning, and Kickoff phases are finally complete, and the production team is on their way to building the initiative we’ve set out to build many months ago. Now it is time to keep the train on the tracks and on schedule utilizing a process called Monitoring and Controlling.

Must Have Drupal 8 CKEditor ModulesNow that Drupal 8 has a CKEditor WYSIWYG editor built into Drupal, core developers can remove the “Install and configure the WYSIWYG module and CKEditor library” from their initial site setup to do list.

Hiring Top Talent at Unleashed TechnologiesAt Unleashed Technologies, we work diligently to ensure our clients receive the best service possible. One way we do that is to hire and develop top talent in our Production Department, the people responsible for building the websites and web applications for our clients.