on-page SEO checklist 2020On-page SEO is the foundation of every website. That's why we created a comprehensive 25-Point On-Page SEO checklist to guide you step-by-step through a perfectly optimized webpage in 2020.

Website Accessibility Achieving website accessibility can sometimes feel like you are trying to hit a moving target. New guidelines are consistently being established and there is no single industry standard for measuring accessibility.

More and more people are leaving websites due to slow-loading webpages. It’s becoming more common and the slower a page loads, the more the bounce rate increases. In fact, a recent study found that 53% of people will abandon a mobile website that takes more than three seconds to load.

Drupal vs. WordPress, both are great content management systems (CMS) but which one is right for you? We get asked this question all the time, so we decided to assist you in your quest of answering that question.

How to use Layout Builder in Drupal 8 | Unleashed TechnologiesWith Layout Builder, you can create a wide variety of layouts for any node on the fly. Content editors no longer need to bug a development team for custom landing pages, and developers can build multiple layout options for one single node display.

A Journey into Continuous Integration & Testing | Unleashed TechnologiesA constant challenge for the Quality Assurance Specialist is to remove the notion that testing is a financial drain and time bottleneck that is a threat to product delivery. My counter-argument has always been that post-release bug fixes from poorly or even untested software are more expensive and also reputation damaging. 

15 Signs Your Website Needs a Redesign | Unleashed TechnologiesYour website should be your most powerful marketing tool, when that is no longer the case it's time to start thinking about redesigning your website. This can be a hard decision for many businesses and organizations as they may not know the tell-tale signs that a website revamp is needed. 

Generating Image URLs in Drupal | Unleashed Technologies Using a background image can be a great way to style hero banners or grid elements that need to resize based on content. However, with the introduction of the Media module, accessing the image file path has become difficult, since the images are rendered as media entities instead of a simple file.

Atomic Design in Mind - Unleashed TechnologiesUnderstandable, flexible and maintainable code is something we all strive for but it can begin to become unmanageable when your project grows or gets passed between many hands. A shaky foundation leads to a toppled building.

importance of conversion rate optimization (CRO) | Unleashed Technologies Having your organization's website optimized for conversion represents a unique opportunity to gain a competitive edge over your competitors who do not understand the benefits of conversion rate optimization, or have not committed time and energy into a proper optimization strategy.