SEO cheat sheet image.Search engine optimization (SEO) is a hot issue for marketers and website content managers that will continue to gain importance during our society’s shift to the digital world. Businesses and organizations stress SEO because organic search engine result clicks provide visitors to your website for free.

Hand holding a mobile device with applications.If your organization has a responsive website you may not be thinking about investing in a mobile application that is available through the App Store, Google Play, or Windows Store. However, writing a mobile application off as redundant because your organization already has a responsive website is both incorrect and heedless.

Boss standing with a Drupal dropDrupal development, unlike Drupal site building, is code and language intensive. The Drupal framework is controlled and run by technologies with steep learning curves (and intimidating names) like PHP and Structured Query Languages, which your organization’s executives may not be familiar with.

508 Compliance508 Compliance is an amendment to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 that outlines requirements Federal agencies must meet to make their electronic and information technology accessible for people with disabilities. However, since it was enacted in 1998, more and more non-Federal websites have begun implementing development changes to ensure their content is accessible by as many people as possible.

Issues to plan for with a responsive design.Responsive web design (RWD) has been in vogue for a few years and almost every web design project we work on now includes the expectation of being optimized for all devices. However, with hundreds of devices and thousands of screen sizes to optimize our designs for, there are numerous RWD issues that designers and frontend developers now need to account for.

Nonprofit website screens.Does your nonprofit organization’s (NPO) website inspire confidence in your organization and does it support your mission? It needs to. Many NPOs struggle with drawing visitors to their site and capitalizing (monetarily or otherwise) on that traffic. If your organization’s website has fallen behind expectations then a review of the site may be necessary.

Online ConversionsAn online conversion is when a website visitor takes a specific action that you, the website’s administrator, want. Successful websites, not just eCommerce stores, track online conversions and make concerted efforts to increase their conversion rate. An online conversion could be as simple as submitting a Contact form or as complex as completing a transaction using PayPal.

Drupal Modules GuideDrupal websites are built with, and powered by, Drupal modules. There are two different types of Drupal modules - core, which are included with your original Drupal download, and contributed, which must be downloaded independently and added to your website. Modules are the easiest way to add new and useful features to your Drupal website without directly touching the codebase.

When choosing a software to develop your eCommerce store the options can seem overwhelming and daunting at first. Some options are hosted by the provider, and others must be hosted on your own hardware, and their costs range from free to hundreds of dollars a month. Our preference continues to be Magento for its robust features and functionality that empower any business to grow their online revenue.

When considering web design, just about everyone has an opinion of what is "good" design and what isn't. It can be difficult to know what advice to take and what is best to be ignored - or at least taken with a grain of salt. What follows are three common pieces of website design advice that are outdated or just terrible.