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Symfony is a modern, enterprise-level web application framework which utilizes the latest web technologies. Its highly-decoupled nature provides exceptional performance while allowing full customization of virtually every aspect of the system. Symfony sets itself apart with its strong architecture, large community, developer tools, and limitless extensibility.

Today, Symfony is used by some of the world’s largest organizations to power their custom applications. These include organizations like Fox, Condé Nast, National Geographic, Spotify, Trivago, BlaBlaCar, and the European Space Agency, to name just a few. With the advent of Symfony 4, we see capabilities that were not previously possible.

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SensioLabs Silver Partner

Unleashed Technologies is a recognized SensioLabs Silver Partner, the creator of the Symfony PHP Framework, and is proud to be the only current Silver Partner in the United States. As a partner, our Symfony development services leverage the benefit of continual direct contact with SensioLabs, and this relationship helps our firm increase and maintain the quality of all our Symfony initiatives.

Why Symfony for your Web Solutions?

Symfony is a set of reusable PHP components and a PHP framework for web projects. With Symfony, your application data is more secure, it’s quicker to add new features, and you can easily scale your application to accommodate more users and more features as your business needs grow.

Limitless Extensibility

Unlike other frameworks, Symfony doesn’t have restrictions or assumptions about how your application should work. You can truly customize it to fit your exact needs.

  • A decoupled, object-oriented architecture means that any part of the framework can be   extended, customized, replaced, or removed.
  • Integrates with a wide variety of database types including SQL, NoSQL, key-value stores, graph databases, and other such technologies.
  • The advanced Security Component allows highly-custom, fine-grained control over authorization and permissions.  Pluggable authentication allows login via LDAP, single sign-on, or any other identity provider.

Community Support

  • Organizations all over the world are taking advantage of Symfony’s large international community.  Over 300,000 developers across the globe use Symfony to power their web applications and frequently contribute knowledge and code back to the community.
  • Over 3,000 enterprise-level bundles provide enhanced functionality at no cost.
  • Can be integrated with over 500,000 additional libraries from the PHP community via Packagist.
  • Exceptional documentation on how to utilize the framework and implement custom functionality.

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Stability & Permanence

  • Since its inception in 2005, Symfony has proven to be a reliable, rock-solid platform for building custom applications.
  • Major versions are fully supported for 3-4 years, including bug fixes and security patches.
  • A strong backwards-compatibility promise ensures smooth upgrades to the latest versions of the framework.
  • Strict guidelines for responsible disclosure and rapid resolution of security issues ensures that the impact of potential threats are greatly minimized.
  • Development is sponsored by SensioLabs in partnership with over 2,000 open-source contributors.

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Rapid Application Development

Symfony empowers developers to quickly build and scale their applications.

  • Pre-built components handle the mundane aspects of development like form validation and session management, allowing developers to focus on building the unique aspects of the application.
  • Automatically protects against common web vulnerabilities like SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and session hijacking.
  • An integrated console provides automatic code generation, allowing developers to quickly implement.
  • The Web Debug Toolbar provides immediate feedback on what’s happening behind-the-scenes, including detailed performance metrics for every page request.
  • Uses the Twig templating system to drastically reduce the time required to build the frontend interface.

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Blazing-Fast Performance

Symfony doesn’t impose unnecessary overhead on your application. Its small footprint means fast performance for your application and its end users.

  • Uses an advanced dependency injection container and proxy objects to achieve minimal overhead - data is only loaded and processed as needed.
  • Leverages the HTTP Cache standard and supports ESI for advanced page caching.
  • HTTP kernel architecture enables fast cache responses.
  • The dependency injection container and frontend templates are pre-compiled for optimal performance in production.
  • Easily handles millions of database records.

Why Choose Unleashed Technologies for your Symfony Development Company?

As a true partner for your digital growth, our expert team of Symfony developers is headed by the renowned Colin O’Dell, our Director of Technology and Lead Web Developer on all Symfony initiatives. O'Dell is a nationally known author and speaker in the PHP community and an Expert Level SensioLabs Certified Developer and is the author of the PHP 7 Upgrade Guide.

  • Expert team of certified developers
  • Top-rated PHP Developer Firm 2018 - Clutch.co
  • Top-rated Drupal Developer Firm 2018 - Clutch.co
  • Top-rated WordPress Developer Firm 2018 - Clutch.co
  • Top-rated Web Developer Firm 2018 - Clutch.co
  • Top-rated Web Designer Firm 2018 - Clutch.co
  • Top-rated Digital Design Agency 2018 - Clutch.co
  • UX/UI Solutions Architects
  • In-house Front and Back-end Design Experts
  • Multiple Award-Winning Websites
  • World Class project managers
  • Proven track record