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Professional Search Engine Optimization Services

Our team of experts will build a custom search strategy designed to increase organic search rankings, drive more qualified traffic to your business, and close sales. Our unique approach to professional search engine optimization services starts by stabilizing your website's SEO foundation. Then building and implementing a fully integrated inbound marketing strategy that provides both short and long-term growth.

With 93% of online experiences beginning on search engines, and 46% of all Google searches showing local search intent it’s absolutely vital that your business or organization can be found online. Investing in professional SEO services will increase your organic traffic for valuable keywords that drive business to your website, and allow your business to be found online. 

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What is Search Engine Optimization - SEO?

SEO is the practice of driving organic or “free” traffic to your website from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The tricky part of SEO is that search engine algorithms are constantly changing. This makes it important to hire an SEO company that has an experienced team of white hat SEO professionals who are able to implement proper techniques on and off of your website to deliver increased search results.

Our Professional SEO Services

We approach each client with a blank slate, understanding that there is never a one-size-fits-all SEO strategy. We work with you to understand your industry, target audience, and business goals. Our mission is to deliver results that matter to your organization and help you climb to the top of Google for targeted search terms. We do this by conducting in-depth technical SEO audits, keyword research, competitor analysis, on-site optimizations, and backlink outreach. This is done along with a number of other white hat SEO services aimed at building a solid SEO foundation and expansive search strategy.

  In-Depth SEO Audits 

In the world of SEO it’s the little things that make the difference. Our in-depth technical, on-page, and content audits will allow us to identify weak points throughout your website. We can then provide actionable step-by-step recommendations for improvement. This process will galvanize the foundation of your website clearing the way for all future SEO campaigns and improving organic search rankings.


  Keyword Research

Our team of specialists will complete strategic keyword research to increase your organic footprint and target audience. True keyword research isn’t just about getting more people to your website, it’s about getting the right people to your website. We accomplish this by understanding the persona of your target customers. Completing a keyword gap analysis against your competitors and identifying your website's keyword difficulty baseline. Using this information we can prioritize the keywords we go after and adjust as your website gains authority. 


  Competitor Analysis

During the competitor analysis process we will look at a number of your closest competitors and reverse engineer their keyword sets, links, and most successful assets. Then we incorporate our findings into future SEO campaigns allowing you to leverage this new intelligence to increase search rankings, capture more targeted traffic, and conversions.

  Technical & On-page SEO

The foundation of every website is built on top of technical and on-page SEO. Audits will allow our team to review fundamental details and identify opportunities for improvement throughout your website. Some of the common areas that we find opportunities include: improving page speed, indexation issues, duplicate content, structured data markups, and image optimizations.

Local Search Strategy - Computer and phone iconLocal Search Strategy

As mentioned previously, 46% of all Google searches are showing local search intent. This is why it’s critical for brick-and-mortar businesses, franchises, banks, and service companies to have locally optimized content on their websites. Fully completed Google My Business profiles, local citations, and schema local business markups. These assets, when optimized correctly, will give your organization the ability to show up in Google’s Local Pack search results and have the ability to be selected for geo-targeted search queries. 

AccuQuote Direct is in a very unique niche. Our integrated digital marketing strategies assisted them in increasing organic traffic from new users by 144% over the previous year and drove more qualified leads.

This Manufacturers Representative Company Increased Customer Seats 116%.

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  eCommerce SEO

37.5% of all traffic to eCommerce websites comes from search engines. Couple that with about a quarter of eCommerce orders being tied directly to organic traffic. Then you start to understand why SEO matters so much for eCommerce websites. The key to your eCommerce business being found online is completing the proper kind of keyword research. Traditionally keyword research is performed looking for more informational search results but for eCommerce the majority of your keywords should be tailored around product search queries. 

Our team understands the complexities of eCommerce search engine optimization and how everything from website architecture to link building revolves around completing the right kind of keyword research.

  Link Building

Gathering quality links from relevant and authoritative websites helps your website increase its rankings on search engines. At Unleashed Technologies, we only believe in implementing white hat link building tactics. Our dedication to this process keeps our clients safe from receiving an unwanted penalty from search engines that could reduce your rankings and web traffic overnight.

  Schema Markup

Schema.org, or as it is often referred to as “Schema Markup”, is a way to help search engines better understand, read, and represent your web page in search results. The markup is most commonly implemented using JSON-LD and added to the <head> of each page. The power of structured data is that it can be used to add additional information and better describe specifics on each page of your website. Some of the more popular markups are: Organization, Local Business, Product, Event, FAQ, and Person.

  Analytics Setup and Monitoring

SEO is an ongoing process. To make sure we are providing the best SEO services possible we use data to inform our online marketing efforts. Our team will set up and monitor your Google Analytics, Search Console, and Tag Manager accounts for anomalies, penalties, or other ranking or traffic damaging events. These efforts allow us to locate and correct any potential issues before they get out of hand.

  Tracking and Reporting

We provide transparent tracking and reporting of your website's status and SEO efforts monthly. We track keyword rankings, organic traffic, link acquisition, and other metrics to make sure you are seeing results. This practice not only provides you insight into your website's performance but allows us to perform testing and make continual improvements.

Modification & Refinement

We will continuously monitor and optimize your SEO strategy to provide better performance over time, ensuring we are targeting the right audience with the correct message. This strategy allows us to quickly adapt and pivot to new factors such as emerging competitors, search engine algorithm changes, and new relevant keywords as needed.


Why Unleashed Technologies Over Other Professional SEO Companies?

The advantages of partnering with Unleashed Technologies are clear. You will be working alongside a team of digital marketing experts with years of experience helping clients achieve success using a fully integrated digital marketing strategy. 

And that's just the start! When you partner with us you will have access not only to our marketing experts but to our full team of award-winning web designers, developers, solutions architects, and a dedicated project manager. 

Get an edge on the competition. We can offer you what other companies can’t:

  • Google Analytics & AdWords Certified Digital Strategists
  • HubSpot Certified Partner Agency
  • Award-Winning Web Designers
  • Award-Winning Team of Certified Developers
  • UX/UI Solutions Architects
  • PMP Certified & SCRUM Certified Project Managers

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