Geoff Thompson
Front-End Developer

Geoff's development on the web took off as a graduate of the University of Maryland in 2009. His niche hockey blog was linked to by the largest entity in sports writing and an interest and passion for creating web content and driving traffic was carved out that day with each visitor. He has written for many small sports journalism websites since 2009 but joined Vox Media in 2013 as a regular author for the premier professional hockey blog in Washington, DC. Geoff has half a decade of experience working with various CMSs and has previously served as a Drupal Site Administrator for a non-profit organization.

As a Mid-Level Front-End Developer Geoff's primary goal is to take projects from design and transform them into code. He enjoys the methodical approach necessary to thrive in software development and he is excited to grow his portfolio of work alongside Unleashed.

You can find him at ice rinks and golf courses throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area. When he is not behind his desk Geoff can be found in the District enjoying the sights and sounds of the city he calls home.