Professional Services

AccuQuote is a SaaS company that focuses on helping HVAC manufacturer representatives grow their businesses by providing a custom quoting solution and sales pipeline management.

AccuQuote selected Unleashed Technologies to assist in creating a website that would increase engagement with their potential clients by creating content designed to optimize targeted conversions and enhanced SEO performance.

Our work with the AccuQuote team included a new digital experience built on WordPress and ongoing marketing services delivered via our Growth Package model. Unleashed Technologies worked with AccuQuote to create a website that communicates the competitive advantage the company’s software offers, increases lead generation with targeted email marketing campaigns, and closes those leads with landing pages designed with conversion optimization in mind.


Unleashed Technologies recommended WordPress as the appropriate platform for AccuQuote’s web initiative. Our team worked closely with the company to create a strategic plan to ensure the new site resonates with its key audience. In an effort to increase organic traffic, Unleashed Technologies completed a Schema.org structured data markup and indexed the entire website by adding a site map to help both users and search engines locate content. 

Additionally, Unleashed Technologies worked with AccuQuote using design principles to boost conversion rates for all newly created landing pages. Our team also created an A/B testing model using analytical data to improve open rates and click-through rates for AccuQuote’s targeted email campaigns. 

The AccuQuote.Direct website now features:

  • WordPress 5.0 CMS: Offers simple scalability for the future and flexible content delivery for an ever-growing audience.
  • Schema.org Markup:  Helps search engines return more informative results for users and potential clients.
  • Integrated SEO Tools: Allows AccuQuote to improve its performance on search engines, drive higher traffic from targeted audiences, and leverage its design to optimize a stronger conversion rate.
  • HubSpot CRM: Tracks internal communications, allows for the placement of on page lead flows, real-time updates and integrates sales and marketing teams.

AccuQuote Iphone Screen


Following the redesign of the new WordPress site, AccuQuote now offers its visitors an online experience that best aligns with the wants and needs of its potential clients. The site empowers visitors to make an educated buying decision by presenting the exact information they need when they are looking for it. 

Since its redesign, AccuQuote’s organic web traffic has increased by 408% while also increasing qualified leads by 1,650%. 

Unleashed Technologies also worked with AccuQuote to establish the following Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to ensure we measured the impact of our marketing initiatives.

KPIs and Results

KPI: Increase year over year traffic to AccuQuote site by 50%

Result: Year over year total traffic has increased by 91.12%

KPI: Increase year over year organic traffic to AccuQuote site by 100%

Result: Year over year total organic traffic has increased by 408% Increase pages per session

KPI: Improve Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) generation by 100%

Result: Marketing Qualified Lead generation up 1,650%