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Binswanger Glass offers clients glass and glazier solutions that will help restore, transform and increase the beauty of their auto, home or commercial property. The company uses our nearly 150 years of experience in the industry to provide proficient project management, expert installation and capable and seamless teamwork to work with every client. All of our work is guaranteed to ensure peace of mind. Binswanger is the largest full-service retailer and installer of Architectural Glass and aluminum products within the construction, residential, and automotive markets in the United States. 

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More than Windshields

Binswanger Glass is one of the most successful and renowned full-service glass retailers and installers in the United States. The company installs beautiful and transformative glass, glazier, and mirror products for commercial and residential clients, and it boasts a jaw-dropping portfolio of architectural glass to complement its recognizable and reliable auto and home products. 

However, none of that innovation and engaging work was part of its web presence or digital brand. Moreover, what was part of its website lacked usability, and visitors struggled to find the information they needed or easily connect with Binswanger representatives.  

The website also needed to elevate its search optimization and its ability to adopt new functionality. Ensuring content can quickly be reviewed as well as meets the requirement for accessibility.   

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Empowering Internal Teams with WordPress

After a thorough discovery and auditing process, the Unleashed team collaborated with Binswanger marketing, which was new to the organization and had a limited capacity. By working closely with Unleashed, the director of marketing could concentrate on strategic direction and corporate requirements while our developers, designers, and marketing specialists were free to focus on planning, execution, and analysis. 

The first step began with redesigning the old website into a WordPress site that was configured to meet Binswanger's marketing needs. This included providing a stronger visual component and allowing visitors to engage through clearer calls-to-action with integration into the company's customer relationship management (CRM) system. 

The WordPress content management system (CMS) provides the Binswanger team with a sustainable easy-to-use platform focused on content production, intuitive management, and the ability to integrate seamlessly with supporting technologies. With components tailored by the Unleased team, the site now provides more transparency and control over versioning, publishing content through site workflows, and expanded user profiles. 

By empowering the team with WordPress, the internal marketing team can focus on site enhancements and conversion goals rather than maintenance and administrative work.

Binswanger Glass

Visitor Focused, Visually Engaging, Higher Quality

Binswanger's website has been completely transformed with the shift to the new platform and a new focus on the visitor and providing engaging experiences and content, regardless of their device or interests. 

The new WordPress website results included: 

  • A responsive design allowing the website to be viewed across multiple devices (PC, mobile phone, iPad, etc.) 
  • Easy navigation to browse both residential and commercial services
  • Clear call-to-action buttons and simple forms to contact Binswanger and increase sales conversions
  • The addition of gallery sections provides inspiration and shareable photos to Pinterest boards, social media, or sharing with web visitors' friends/family via text or email
  • The ability to send a product image to a local Binswanger branch to ease communication with a customer
  • An updated career section to help attract new talent to departments across the company
  • A Binswanger's "Our Work" section that prominently features commercial/contract projects
  • Improved location pages to help drive traffic to the local branches and increase conversions through local branches 
  • A consistent compliance and compliance testing approach to meet the latest version of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
  • Designed with a prioritization on search engine optimization (SEO) to improve the company's organic rankings for targeted keyword categories to reach more targeted personas 

The new site has allowed the internal marketing team to completely transform its operational focus and become much more strategic in the development of targeted lead generation campaigns. 

The Web and SEO Never Sit Still

The majority of Unleashed's clients are never about one project or even a single moment in time.  We understand that the web is ever-changing. To stay relevant and continually evolve, we believe our clients should treat their digital presences as an ongoing investment and effort. 

This is the approach our team took with Binswanger Glass. To meet the company's growth strategies, the marketing team has worked with Unleashed to add new page templates, elevate website performance and traffic analytics, and create a new SEO roadmap to ensure that Binswanger continues its success with organic search results and identifies new and evolving keywords that can drive new business.


We definitely have more people finding and visiting the website. Visitors are also more engaged and are spending more time on the platform. We've also gone from page five on Google's results page, to page one, simply by making sure our tags were placed properly."

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Jennifer Brereton

Director of Marketing 
Binswanger Glass


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2020 Communicator Award of Distinction: Website - User Interface

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