AMADC is the third-largest chapter of the international American Marketing Association (AMA), the largest marketing association in North America with more than 38,000 members worldwide. 

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Connecting Marketing Professionals in D.C.

AMADC is the leading network for marketing professionals in the Washington, D.C., region due to a commitment to driving innovation, professional development, and career advancement opportunities. The AMADC membership base encompasses a vast range of industries, including corporate, media, government, association, and non-profit sectors.  

This marketing community is also increasingly tech-savvy and demands excellence from their AMA chapter. The AMADC needs a powerful and flexible website with a modern design that can evolve to keep up with the constantly changing digital landscape, while providing a portal for the community, services, and expertise that its members expect. 



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Giving Visitors What They Want

AMADC’s previous website featured a text-heavy, non-responsive design, while navigation and content organization made the site difficult for visitors to use effectively and efficiently.  Visitors needed to quickly find the content and events that provide so much value and drive new memberships. 

AMADC wanted a more up-to-date and engaging design to not only enhance the look and feel of the site, but also to eliminate a poorly functioning integration to its member management system. In addition, the local chapter wanted to more closely align with the branding of the national AMA, while also providing a design that demonstrated the pride leaders and members felt about the Washington, D.C. region. 

In order to accomplish these goals, AMADC turned to the Unleashed team to migrate the site to the most recent version of Drupal and deliver an engaging, content rich experience to its membership base. 

As proud leaders of the AMADC chapter, Unleashed proposed a new approach with a greater emphasis on user experience and an agile platform design that allows the website to provide visitors with the information they want through an engaging user journey. 

Evolving with Technology

With the launch of the new website, AMADC has experienced significant membership growth, enabling the chapter to become the third largest of the 79 AMA chapters in North America. Some of the features that help to drive this growth included:  

  • An easy-to-use enterprise Drupal website that grants access to individual AMADC members from any device 

  • A responsive, mobile-first design using Bootstrap 3 

  • A custom member importer built to resolve the previous site’s integration issues 

  • Responsive carousel sliders on the homepage that leverage the Owl Carousel 2 library 

  • Custom content types for blog posts and events 

  • A dynamic Frequently Asked Questions page 

  • Full member display and directory that lists all active AMADC members 

  • Advertising incorporated through site to increase sponsor visibility 


A New Digital Mindset


While all the features above provide significant value, the biggest change for AMADC goes beyond the structural and design updates. The biggest change is having a platform that allows the DC chapter to shift its mentality and view the site as a vital digital tool that must always evole and improve to meet the expectations of members and drive new membership. 

The shift is represented in the ongoing relationship between AMADC and Unleashed with a focus on using the website to meet critical goals for the chapter. This commitment translates into the development of design and content strategy to drive membership, volunteerism, and general engagement, while also providing continuing value to members and enabling the chapter to focus on continual growth. 


It has been a remarkable experience to work with Unleashed… With the unveiling of, we now have the resources we believe are essential in supporting our journey of transformation." 


Michael Gardner


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