Company positioned for growth and innovation with a state-of-the-art website and dynamic office space


COLUMBIA, MD – Unleashed is excited to announce the release of its new website, which is designed to improve the user experience, reflect an engaging and colorful brand, and – most importantly – represent the company’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. Simultaneously, the digital services firm announced its new headquarters in Columbia, Md.

Always Improving

“Every day, we push ourselves and our clients to innovate and enhance the impact of their websites and their digital communications,” CEO Muhammad Hutasuhut said. “We want to make sure our website reflects that commitment and supports our ability to evolve and grow. This will enable Unleashed to maintain our position as a globally recognized leader in web development and digital services.”

The philosophy of Unleashed is that the web is always in motion and always improving. It is a mantra often share with clients and is central to our Growth Model. Now, the Unleashed website reflects that approach.

While the site provides an engaging, user-friendly design with industry-leading search engine optimization, its greatest value is its ability to quickly adapt and evolve to integrate emerging technologies and meet the demands of clients, partners, and the marketplace. Upon launch, the site is already integrated with personalization tools from our partners at Acquia and marketing functionality from our partners at HubSpot.

New HQ Opens

Like the website, the new headquarters is a reflection of the company’s dedication to continuous improvement. While maintaining Unleashed’s commitment to the Washington, D.C.-Baltimore corridor, the new space moves the company forward by creating a dynamic space that allows the company to grow and collaborate. In the future, the headquarters will also serve as a showcase space for hosting clients, partners, and various members of the community.

“While the COVID-19 pandemic has created a unique time for our company and our communities, the new space – just like with the website – is not built for today, but for tomorrow and beyond,” Hutasuhut said. “Someday, we will take steps toward normalcy and again engage each other in person, and we are excited to share our space at that time.” 

About Unleashed

Headquartered in Columbia, Md., Unleashed is a leading web development and digital services in the U.S. with commercial and non-profit clients nationwide. The company serves enterprise clients in diverse commercial segments, such as banks and manufacturing companies, online retailers, and business-oriented trade associations. Non-profit clients include military and veterans’ organizations, national and state trade associations, and publishing and educational institutions. As global leaders in open-source web technologies, Unleashed was recently named a top 10 global leader in delivering professional services, as well as ranked as the leading web development firm in the world. The company has been recognized six years a row as the top design and development firm for both Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, Md.