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From designers to developers to project managers to marketers, our team members are what make Unleashed special. It is their individual contributions to our clients' projects that allow us to deliver exceptional work. This week our featured team member is an experienced web developer and system administrator, Sirod Johnson.  

1. What has been your favorite project this year? How did it go?  

AMIA [American Medical Informatics Association]. While it is still ongoing, I have enjoyed working on the project's front-end portion and Drupal site-building.  

2. What challenges came up in that project?

For me, finding ways to build a scalable and maintainable front-end that accurately reflects the intentions of the designs while also ensuring an improved and simple administrative experience for the client when they use the site and perform content entry. 

3. When you can't find a solution for a project, where do you go for answers?

Unleashed is a big team, so I’ll start by seeking advice from those around me that specialize in the area I am focusing on or consult general research.  

4. What is your favorite part of a digital project? 

It is hard to say, but I lean towards design implementation on the front-end. I feel like the fruits of your labor are quicker to see, and many interesting challenges can come up on the front side, especially when building in a more re-usable and scalable manner.  

5. What is your favorite language to code in?

It may be PHP. I am most familiar with it as much of my work has been back-end related. 

6. How long did it take you to study for the Acquia Certified Personalization Pro status

It has been a little while, so I don’t remember much, but I think a day or two, barring any time from practical experience.  

7. As one of 15 people in the United States with the certification, what are your recommended study tips?  

It was a challenge, so I may not be the best to give tips here. But I’d say find ways to put the information learned into practice. Come up with some hands-on projects. This should at least help with the development side of the exam. As for the more conceptual-side experience through real-world projects is the best way. However, if you lack that, many resources can be found in the study guide released by Acquia. 

Always ask yourself questions to encourage the digging for answers to help you gain a deeper understanding of the material. 

8. What are you doing to stay fit during quarantine?

Calisthenics mostly. Also trying to walk and run as much as I can. I almost forgot how to do the latter for a time. :)