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Custom web applications can solve a problem within your organization, bring an exciting new idea to your customers, and much more. No matter what your ultimate goal is, Unleashed Technologies has the expertise to quickly build reliable and complex web applications to meet your business needs. 

Web Management Approach

From the initial planning of a web application to hosting, adding features, and supporting the application years after the initial project has begun, Unleashed Technologies can support your efforts completely with our web management program.

MVC Framework

By using the Model View Controller (MVC) framework for developing web applications, Unleashed Technologies creates apps that are organized around an overarching goal, yet flexible enough to handle changing specifications. Applications created with the MVC framework are:  

  • Easier to hand off from one developer to another, making collaboration simpler
  • Quickly moved from planning to production because of the strong structure for development
  • More cost and time effective to update

Working within the MVC framework allows Unleashed Technologies to build powerful applications quickly.  

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User Experience and Web Applications

Unleashed Technologies focuses on user experience for every web application. Users should be able to intuitively navigate a web application, easily find what they want, and trust that all features work reliably. Whether we're creating an application for you to use internally, or an application for your clients' use, user experience is a top priority. 

Want to learn more about Unleashed Technologies' approach to building web applications? Contact us.

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Web Application Hosting

We provide secure, reliable and scalable hosting for web applications.

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Unleashed Technologies developed an application to streamline business development operations for Proactive Dealer Solutions.

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