Despite being the online marketing buzzword du jour, responsive web design is an effective way to deliver your company’s message to your audience and one that should be considered when thinking mobile. Responsive web design eliminates the need to maintain a separate mobile website and adjusts the content delivery to accommodate a broad range of devices, so no more worries when the latest iPhone version is released.

What Is Responsive Design? 

Responsive web development isn’t just for large companies or eCommerce companies. Responsive web design can boost engagement for companies of all shapes and sizes. It is a website design approach that responds to the online visitor’s behavior and the screen size with which he/she is viewing a particular website. As a user moves from desktop to laptop, to tablet and mobile devices of various sizes, a responsively designed website automatically adjusts the delivery of content to accommodate for different screen sizes, platforms and orientations in order to provide the best user experience possible.

When you choose to have the cross-platform development inherent in responsive design for your website, you will ensure:

  • A high degree of flexibility with no need for device-specific development, which can quickly become outdated
  • Reduced user frustration with a consistent online experience
  • Improved visibility with search engines – Google and Bing have selected responsive web design as their preferred method of building a website for mobile traffic.
  • Eased management as only one code source for desktop and mobile content must be maintained

Unleashed Technologies are skilled responsive website developers and can help you to deliver an optimal web experience to your online audience – regardless of their device preference. Contact us today to learn how we can help your site become responsive.