Symfony is a PHP web development framework for MVC (model-view controller) applications.

Unleashed Technologies is a recognized SensioLabs Silver Partner and is proud to be the only current Silver Partner in the United States. As a partner, Unleashed Technologies enjoys the benefits of continual direct contact with SensioLabs and this relationship helps our firm increase and maintain the quality of all our Symfony initiatives. 

Colin O’Dell, our Lead Web Developer on all Symfony initiatives, is a nationally known author and speaker in the PHP community. O'Dell is a an Expert Level SensioLabs Certified Developer and is the author of the PHP 7 Upgrade Guide.

With Symfony, your application data is more secure, queries to the database run faster and you can easily scale your application to accommodate more users and more features as your business needs grow. There are many benefits to developing with Symfony, here are a few:

  • Faster development at a lower cost - Symfony contains the tools and a development methodology to drive rapid development of applications, which helps to get to a finished, well-built application faster – saving you money. 
  • Flexibility – Symfony is open source and highly adaptable. Symfony2 is designed with developers in mind to make application building easier with reusable bundles of code and a framework that supports limitless possibilities.
  • Stability – Symfony is supported by SensioLabs and developers in the community. Official support for major versions extends back for three years, but with security-related issues that support is for life.