When choosing a technology to solve your web or hosting business challenges, the options are nearly endless. Millions of companies are choosing to go with open source technologies in order to benefit from:

  • Security – Most open source projects have a large (in some cases in the millions) community of developers who work to identify vulnerabilities and work vigilantly to keep the code base secure.
  • Flexibility – Because so many different developers are working on open source software, it is inherently flexible. With open source software, you can build whatever you want onto the foundation to truly make technology work for your business’ needs. 
  • Quality – Open source software is the beneficiary of code from some of the best developers in the world. You benefit from the brain power of hundreds, and sometimes even hundreds of thousands, of expert developers with an open source project. Commercial software is limited by the developers employed by the proprietor of that software.
  • Price – Let’s not forget cost. Many open source technologies are free and those that have a cost are often drastically lower than comparable proprietary solutions. Even when customizing open source software, there is typically a market of development firms that help to keep those development costs stable. 


In addition to all of this, open source technologies typically have a stricter adherence to open standards, a broader community of support options, and less restrictive upgrade timetables. Ultimately, you have to choose what technology is right for your business. For our wosting solutions, we choose the following open source technologies in order to deliver superior products to our clients:

  • Drupal –  Drupal is the leading open source platform for enterprise content management. It is highly flexible and scalable, enabling you to manage hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of different content assets with ease.
  • WordPress –  WordPress is an ideal solution for organizations that focus primarily on publishing content and want to leverage the constantly growing list of plugins created by the developer community.  
  • Magento – Magento is the #1 eCommerce platform for the top one million sites (as ranked by Alexa). Magento enables you to build flexible, scalable eCommerce solutions. 
  • Symfony – Symfony is an open source PHP framework that can be leveraged to rapidly build web applications. 

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