The team members at Unleashed Technologies are expert integrators and will work with you to ensure the content in your AEM Mobile app is delivered to the right people – and no one else. With entitlements, visitors are granted permission to view the content they have permission to access based on purchase history, membership status, or subscription level.

United States Naval Institute Case Study

The United States Naval Institute leverages AEM Mobile for their Naval History magazine newsstand app. Unleashed Technologies connected AEM Mobile to the USNI Drupal database to access all user membership data.

The app accesses magazine content reaching back to 1987. Subscribers must be entitled to view articles for a given year’s issues in order to access the articles published during that time. AEM Mobile sorts through more than 74,000 membership ID’s to identify those who are subscribers and for what years they are granted access. The USNI Naval History magazine app offers subscribers the ability to access articles online or to download an article to read later giving them the flexibility to view the content they want, when and where they want it.

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