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Keep Your Website Constantly Evolving with Support & Growth Packages

Building a website or web application is only the beginning of a successful project. Once your site or application has launched, you still have to keep up with maintaining it, hosting it, updating the design, and improving functionality. In short, it must evolve.

A Support and Growth Package from Unleashed Technologies is more than your typical web management service, it’s a monthly allotment of hours that allows you to:

  • Gain access to every level of web design, development, and hosting professional at a blended rate
  • Eliminate unexpected costs by reducing change management charges
  • Benefit from a predictable, annual budget
  • Have flexibility to perform the enhancements and upgrades that matter most to your business – when they matter most
  • 24x7x365 support for performance web hosting
  • Guaranteed response times to issues

You have the power to choose how many hours per month your website will need by deciding which package makes the most sense for your organization:

Support & Growth Packages

*Requires website hosting through Unleashed Technologies.

Compare the Costs of an In-House Hire vs. a Support & Growth Package:

Support & Growth Packages vs. In-House Staff

Support & Growth Packages vs. In-House Staff

*Salary figures are national average results on All numbers are rounded to the nearest thousand dollars.

The job titles listed above represent the various skill sets required to maintain, enhance, and support your web presence. Your organization may not choose to hire a full-time in-house person for each of these titles; however, it will require the skill sets of each role to make ongoing enhancements and keep your website fully functional.

Support & Growth Packages vs. In-House Staff

When you hire in-house staff, you get a highly qualified individual specializing in one aspect of web design, development, or support.

With Unleashed Technologies' Support and Growth Packages, you gain access to senior web development, design, project management, and hosting professionals at one blended rate to help you meet all of your ongoing web needs and business goals. We are dedicated to delivering superior web management service to ensure you have the expertise, support and resources you need for your websites and applications to reach their full potential. Whether it's implementing a new feature, handling security updates, or providing emergency web assistance, our team of experts is there to help.