Jonathan Strozykowski
Web Developer

Jonathan started off at Unleashed through an internship program and is now a Full-Time Junior Front-End Developer and is still an Eternal Student. Jonathon majored in Computer Science at Harford Community College graduated in 2015 where he got his programming fundamentals. He continued his education at a University but noticed a lack of web development courses and decided to take a more hands on approach. He dropped out of his bachelors’ program and started teaching himself web development.

For the next couple of years, Jonathon was busy learning and building projects like a cafe finder app or mock sites for Tea ecommerce/Freelance Photography. He continued expanding his skillsets while working in the service industry mainly focusing on Front-End languages and technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JS. Jonathon is now increasing his skillset by diving into React for a new site build here at Unleashed. In his free time, Jonathon enjoys nature hikes, reading about ancient and modern philosophy/psychology, creating art in all mediums from pencil drawings to generative art, VR world building, video games, and collecting various cultural music instruments.