Chad Hester
Senior Solutions Architect

Chad Hester is a software engineer and senior solutions architect with a background in computer science and IT management for more than 20 years.

He started his professional career programming desktop and database applications using Microsoft-based platforms. After seeing the explosion of the web market, he quickly moved on to web development despite the "dot-com bubble burst" in 2000. After several years of honing his skills, he made the switch to open-source software development, focusing all his efforts on leveraging community-driven technologies.

Chad has heavily focused for the past 12 years on information architecture, user experience, design thinking, and Agile development practices. He is a mentor and community advocate for these subjects, including several professional articles and presentations.

With a dash of software engineering, technical training, IT administration, personnel management, sales, and business development, Chad has become a well-rounded, well-educated computer geek powerhouse. He has many years of experience working with the medical, education, association, government, manufacturing, fashion, legal, and commerce industries.

Chad’s other interests include kickboxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, eating great food, dog walking, biking, travel, and relaxing on a nice beach.