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Marketing Director

Alex Villamar leads our marketing team, bringing experience in behavioral analysis, Ethnography, the traditional field, BTL and ATL Marketing, and digital marketing. He has worked in various industries and small to transnational size companies.Alex Villamar has worked in the USA, LATAM, CAM, and EMEA markets, becoming an effective and adaptable multicultural marketer. With experience in multiple markets and industries, he brings the ability to navigate marketing and culture to design effective strategies and tactics that yield compelling results.

Alex focuses on short and long changes in the target audiences' behavior through carefully crafted integrated and omnichannel approaches that aim to increase the number of touchpoints between the audience and the agency and ensure these touchpoints are memorable and yield results. Alex is passionate about qualitative and quantitative data, basing his strategy and tactics on what the data presents. Alex Villamar's past employers include Sprint, Nextel, Two West, Yota Europe CAM, Western Union LATAM, Danone, T-Mobile, Verizon, American Diabetes Association, Maison du test - France, and Aerotek. Besides his regular 9-5, Alex Villamatr has provided consulting for White Shark Media - Denmark/Nicaragua, Nomad, Solar Energy, Veteran's Administration at Colmery O'neall - Kansas, and Train Like a Soldier, among others.