The Woodhouse Day Spa

Your journey begins in a peaceful and relaxing environment…you will immerse your body, mind and spirit in all aspects of health and wellness. While you relax in a luxurious robe and comfortable sandals, you may enjoy a beverage while indulging in your choice of over 70 rejuvenating spa treatments. 

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Unified Brand, Unified Control

The Woodhouse Day Spa had many websites for franchises, but those sites weren't unified in branding, easily updated, or integrated into their spa management systems. The Woodhouse Day Spa website wasn't delivering the high-quality experience its visitors expected and limited their franchisees' online capabilities. 

The Woodhouse had no ability to make global changes, which was impacting their ability to provide consistent branding as they grew and more and more franchise sites were added. Additionally, franchise owners were unable to make changes to much of the content on their individual sites. Franchisees could not update their own blog posts, news items, pricing, photo galleries or even event schedules. When changes were able to be made, they had to go through corporate IT to edit the custom code and were subject to change fees to support that work. Because of the burden this placed on corporate resources, these updates, no matter how time sensitive, could take days. 

In addition, franchise owners had no ability to manage their own, local search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. They had no ability to target local markets through SEO  or to leverage search engine marketing if they wished to.

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Streamlined e-Commerce

Woodhouse wanted to streamline the process to automate the transactions and allow customers to stay within the local franchise website.

Previously, gift cards required multiple steps, and fulfillment needed to be managed by a full-time employee to manually process each purchase. 

To enable its aggressive growth strategies, The Woodhouse Day Spa needed a central content management system (CMS) that would enable them to maintain and update franchise sites, as well as the corporate site, and also provided the ability for franchisees to manage designated content on each of their sites.

The Woodhouse Day Spa turned to Unleashed to develop a robust platform to support a redesigned website and help them meet their objectives.

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Supporting Meteoric Growth

Unleashed developed an enterprise platform that easily scales to accommodate The Woodhouse’s explosive growth, as they take the company from 30 to more than 200 franchises.

Leveraging Drupal, Unleashed developed an enterprise platform that would empower The Woodhouse and its franchisees to control and manage their content, unify all sites by integrating key systems, and increase revenues through improved user experience and SEO capabilities. With this new platform, Unleashed delivered:

  • Instant franchise site creation capabilities
  • The ability for The Woodhouse corporate site administrators to push content to and pull content from franchise sites
  • Tiered levels of access at the corporate and franchise levels to ensure the right people have control over content
  • Real-time web services for continual content sharing
  • Comprehensive integration into spa management systems
  • Technical best practices for SEO management
  • Integration into spa management systems to provide a seamless experience to visitors
  • Fully customizable gift cards available for purchase from franchise sites

Throughout the development of this platform, Unleashed worked closely with Bates Creative Group to ensure that the technology supported the design and user experience. 

Efficiency and Innovation

Unleashed improved site management and developed key integrations that now enable The Woodhouse and its franchisees to:

  • Ease content management across all websites for corporate employees and franchisees with tiered levels of access to ensure brand consistency and timely updates
  • Reduce costs by eliminating manual gift card processes
  • Increase revenue with online reservation booking, and the ability to target local markets through SEO/SEM
  • Improve engagement with social media functionality, wish lists, blogs, news feeds, photo galleries and event schedules
  • Continue to innovate on a technologically advanced, highly flexible platform 

Building on the high impact design, all sites are fully integrated into spa management systems to provide a seamless experience to visitors. With this enterprise web platform, The Woodhouse Day Spa can now instantly create franchise sites that are consistent in branding and content, yet managed and updated by the franchisee. With this enterprise web platform, The Woodhouse is able to better engage web visitors and successfully grow the business.

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