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The United States Naval Institute (USNI) was faced with several key challenges that were affecting their ability to reach its members and visitors in an effective manner. As a non-profit publications and periodicals establishment they found an increased need to make the necessary conversion to the web per the requests of their large membership base. Several obstacles stood in the way such as an inadequate technology platform, a failed partner relationship with their past web firm, and the lack of resources internally to focus energies on outward (internet related) communications. Major initiatives included sustainable/successful social media deployments, a more visitor friendly website, and easier access to information. Due to the large amount of offerings, including the largest military picture archive in the United States, conferences, events, news, media, publications, and periodicals, accomplishing these tasks were overwhelming.


Our first step was to meet with each division leader of the USNI to understand their expectations of the web and to diagnose goal driven initiatives that would satisfy their needs and exceed expectations. After collecting all the information in conjunction with the marketing director, Unleashed Technologies, LLC along with the guidance of the marketing director formulated a strategic plan for deployment of new features, a complete re-design to better organize information/resources, and social media driven websites that brought value back to visitors and members. Accounting for the day-to-day needs of the USNI and the quickly changing landscape of the internet, flexible and accountable timelines were published. Unleashed Technologies, LLC positioned themselves as a full time go to resource for everything web in order to reduce stress to the internal staff. Quite literally, an off-site team extension.


As it stands today, the United States Naval Institute has a sustainable web presence that’s focused on user experience, provides its valuable resources online, and has increased its total internet blue print by more than 100% in conjunction with leveraging social media. Successes include:

  • An easy to use enterprise website
  • Increased response times utilizing web best practices
  • Major functionality upgrades and value features back to its members
  • A commanding social media presence
  • Increased conversion for membership per new visitor

The return on investment (ROI) for the United States Naval Institute has been not only financial, but also in process automation, and a strong relationship with a company that’s invested themselves in making sure whatever decisions are made regarding the USNI web presence are the right ones.