Founded in 1909, the Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants (VSCPA) is a leading professional association for Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) dedicated to enhancing and improving the success of all CPAs. Its members are offered many benefits, including but not limited to ongoing education, reporting of current news and events through its publication Disclosures, an active voice in the Virginia state government, seminars, networking opportunities, a reduction in professional expenses and much more. 

The organization’s legacy website used the .NET-based Society Solution CMS and featured a non-responsive design. Additionally, VSCPA site administrators were challenged by the level of difficulty required to manage and code changes.  

VSCPA selected Unleashed Technologies to help create an engaging and fresh new web presence to for its members and visitors. Unleashed Technologies collaborated with VSCPA to create a digital experience that utilizes best-practice security measures, responsive design, as and an integration with VSCPA’s custom-built, SQL-based association management software, AM.net.


In order to meet the needs expressed by VSCPA and build a solid foundation for future growth, Unleashed Technologies selected Drupal 8 as the appropriate platform for VSCPA’s web initiative. The new website was built to leverage Drupal Commerce 2, several community components, and custom integrations to meet and exceed all of VSCPA's stated organizational goals, while also providing a scalable platform for future enhancements and growth. Unleashed Technologies completed a thorough Discovery process with the VSCPA stakeholders to better understand how to bring success to the initiative.

Unleashed Technologies built a custom integration between AM.net and the new VSCPA Drupal website that is used to seamlessly sync user profiles, user memberships, e-commerce orders, events, and products.

During the website build, our team created event tracking and dashboards in Google Tag Manager/Analytics. These tools are referenced for KPI measurement and tracking to continue to enhance the site’s functionality following launch. Additionally, a campaign profile has been created within Moz, driven by VSCPA’s targeted keywords, and that report is shared with the VSCPA team on a monthly basis, with analysis and suggestions.


Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, help an organization define the few primary areas of focus to help progress and goals. By defining these KPIs early, we can focus on these items throughout the process of planning, building, testing, and continuing to grow a successful web presence. Unleashed Technologies worked with VSCPA to establish the following Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to ensure the new website would align with the organization’s goals following launch:

  • Increase membership applications
  • Improve conversion rate for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) purchases
  • Increase donation (contribution) transaction volume
  • Increase organic traffic

Usability Assesment

Unleashed Technologies also completed a comprehensive review of the existing website during the discovery process to generate a report for proposed usability changes.  As part of this effort, a user survey was also conducted to help better understand the needs and desires of users across various demographics.  The results of the usability assessment process and user survey yielded a review document that reported on the joint effort and a series of recommendations for the new Drupal website.

For the VSCPA website, Unleashed Technologies selected seven wireframes to help gain visibility on strategic pages:

  • Basic page 
  • Homepage
  • Course page
  • Course search
  • Event page
  • Join/Renew landing page
  • My CPE page

Style Guide

 A style guide was developed for VSCPA during the design phase of the initiative.  The guide helps standardize the style used for common content and page elements in a way that is globally reusable.  

Hands down, they’re the best vendor I’ve ever worked with. I appreciate their planning, rigor, and transparency.

Jen Syer, Technology Director, VSCPA


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