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The International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering is the world's largest not-for-profit association serving its Members by leading scientific, technical and regulatory advancement throughout the entire pharmaceutical lifecycle. ISPE is the global industry leader in connecting pharmaceutical knowledge to deliver manufacturing and supply chain innovation.

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Web Presence Revitalization 

The International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) serves more than 18,000 members globally to deliver scientific and technical advancement in the pharmaceutical industry. The ISPE offers its members various online services and information that support professional development, including digital publications like the Pharmaceutical Engineering Magazine, a members-only benefit that equips professionals with industry-leading research, development, and data on manufacturing medicines and medical devices. 

ISPE engaged the Unleashed team to revitalize its online presence through innovative, user-centric design and leading-edge open-source technologies. The association aimed to provide an engaging web experience for its members, improve its website functionality, and elevate the site’s user experience and admin capabilities. 


Developing A Full Vision Through Discovery 

Unleashed worked with ISPE and its vendors to develop a comprehensive plan through our discovery process to fulfill ISPE’s vision of a new The Unleashed team successfully migrated ISPE’s legacy content to Drupal 8, which opened the door for innovation and creativity during the build. The result is a website that features:

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Migration to Latest Drupal Content Management System (CMS)

We successfully migrated content to the latest version of Drupal, which offered the latest CMS innovations, including improved speed, greater flexibility, and more scalability to support the site as it grows and expands.  

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Responsive Design for Enhanced User Experience

With functionality provided by Drupal, the ISPE website adjusts the design based on the user’s device and enables visitors to instantly and seamlessly navigate the site on mobile, tablet, or desktop technologies.  

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Single Sign-On (SSO) Portal

We developed an SSO solution to integrate with iMIS AMS (Association Management Software). Users can now sign on just a single time with one set of login credentials and seamlessly flow between sites without additional login requests. 

Members-Only Information

Users with a member login will receive a dynamic messaging display while gaining access to members-only pages throughout the site with proper credentialing.   

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Prepared for the Future of Drupal

The new Drupal 8 website prepares ISPE for easier upgrades. Moving forward, Drupal updates will be in-place upgrades. Rather than major rewrites, deprecated code will be audited and adjusted, while contributed modules will further expedite and ease the transition to the latest version. As a result, some websites will transition from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 by merely installing it with little to no changes. Content migration will not be necessary unless there are changes in the information architecture, design, or underlying functionality.

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Integration of Search Capabilities

The Unleashed team also leveraged Solr, an open-source enterprise search platform, to allow users to conduct full-text search and analytics use cases. 

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Faster Page Load Times

The previous site averaged more than 11 seconds. The new site is much faster with first page load times under 5 seconds for interior pages and almost instantaneous for cached pages. 

Dynamic, Engaging, and Current Content

Following the launch of the new website, ISPE is now able to deliver dynamic content and engage members, which drives improved visitor retention rates and provides better experiences. 

For the content, the Unleashed team integrated content synchronization into the CMS. Now, multiple types of content are synchronized from iMIS AMS. This includes products, events, training courses, people, magazine issues, and users. ISPE can enter content inside iMIS, and those content changes are then synced to the Drupal site. Additionally, thousands of industry terms were migrated to the website for ISPE’s very own online glossary, yielding the convenience and technical knowledge its members seek.   

With its new site, ISPE has now significantly improved its user journeys and elevated the user experience, supporting the organizational objective to be an online industry thought leader in the pharmaceutical trade.  

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A Growing Digital Impact

Like the organization, the ISPE website needs to continuously evolve to meet its members’ expectations and deliver value. Since the site launch, the Unleashed team and ISPE continue to develop strategies for site enhancements and improve the members’ digital experiences. Within the coming months, members and visitors can expect to see innovations on the site and a new affiliated web presence that will only expand ISPE’s digital impact. 

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