Professional Services

Core to RCM&D’s business is delivering specialized solutions that are tailored to meet their clients’ individual needs. When RCM&D first approached Unleashed Technologies, they had a restrictive website with limited web engagement, a lack of conversions, and their website was not helping to drive these one-on-one interactions. These issues were not allowing RCM&D to make content updates or manage their site with ease. The old website had an outdated look and feel and the RCM&D brand was not well communicated. Visitors reported that it was difficult to understand just what RCM&D did as an organization when you arrived at the site. Additionally, the RCM&D staff felt that the site was underperforming for their needs.


Unleashed Technologies worked closely with RCM&D to understand their business needs and how their organization worked to deliver the insurance advisory firm a website design that met its clients' needs. The open source platform, Drupal, was recommended to replace the proprietary content management system RCM&D had previously been using for its website. The new site launched in October 2013. After years of successful web engagement, Unleashed Technologies worked with RCM&D to migrate the site to the updated Drupal 8 platform in 2017.

The new rcmd.com now features: 

Drupal 8 CMS | RCM&D

A highly scalable open source CMS that allows for granular control of content

SalesForce | RCM&D

Webforms integrated with Salesforce Pardot allow for marketing and lead automation

Web Accessibility | RCM&D

Content delivered to any device is optimized for accessibility and compliance standards

Flexibility | RCM&D

Easy to create page components allow RCM&D to place images, video and other content into pre-designed layouts

Search | RCM&D

Customized, sitewide search functionality powered by Solr


RCM&D’s web evolution with Unleashed Technologies has resulted in a new site that improves overall usability, engagement, and control. 

Since its launch, RCM&D’s bounce rate has been reduced by more than 10% and the site has seen an increase in average visit duration to 20% showing that it is offering relevant, engaging content for its site visitors. Additionally, its staff is empowered to continue to add content to keep the site fresh and make required edits.

RCM&D is on Unleashed Technologies’ Growth Package model, so work is ongoing to continually enhance the features and functionality of the RCM&D website.

“Our website is a hub for communicating with our prospects and clients and delivering our expertise on a variety of subjects. By partnering with Unleashed Technologies, we have built a robust platform that is not only easy to manage for our in-house staff, but also is intuitively organized with a conversion-focused design. We have been able to ensure that all visitors who come to our site regardless of device are highly engaged with content related to their interests. Our website helps us to deliver the superior level of service our clients have come to expect from RCM&D,” said Kristin Kluga, Marketing Director for RCM&D.