The Woodhouse Day Spa sought to build a custom reservation system that allowed online visitors to schedule the full range of services offered at its franchises through its website. This system would enable the Woodhouse to provide a premier service to its online visitors with convenient, round-the-clock online schedule, and in turn increase its revenue opportunity with added scheduling availability outside of operational hours for its spas.


Woodhouse Tablet View

The Woodhouse Day Spa had previous experience with Unleashed Technologies, who developed a franchise platform that enables the Woodhouse Day Spa to instantly create new websites for franchisees, give control over localized content and improve functionality and branding for the overall web presence.  The Woodhouse Day Spa again selected Unleashed Technologies to create a custom application to provide this valuable service online.

Unleashed Technologies consulted with the Woodhouse Day Spa to understand the full scope of requirements for this reservation system to be a success and provide a premium, always available service to its valued clients. The completely custom application allows local Woodhouse Day Spas to offer a variety of services, available dates and timeslots based on the information specific to that franchise in their scheduling and point of sale software, Millennium. The online reservation system communicates with Millennium - extended for this purpose from a module built by Unleashed Technologies for the original integration inherent to the franchise platform - to determine which resources, team members, and services are available at any given date and time selected by the online visitors.


To date, the Woodhouse Day Spa online reservation system has been implemented by 40 franchises. Franchisees can now:

  • Edit certain pieces of text to customize to their location and the services they want to offer, pricing, and more.
  • Locally control specials, but also have the corporate specials that are offered across all franchises managed for them.
  • Provide details of services rendered, upsell opportunities, and links to bios of therapists.
  • Benefit from round-the-clock conversions for services that normally require a phone call during operational hours.
  • Provide live results for availability and promote additional services and specials during the booking process. 
  • Allow online visitors to book for friends.
  • Accept credit card information at the time of booking to hold service.
  • Deliver a rich experience regardless of device with a responsive, mobile-friendly design.

With the rollout of the online reservation system, the Woodhouse Day Spa can ensure that its clients can schedule the services they want, when they want, in order to drive revenue and increase client satisfaction.