The Structural Group is a parent company of several subsidiaries, including Structural and Structural Technologies. As a result of having multiple corporate entities, they had multiple web presences. These multiple websites were inconsistently branded and required their staff to maintain four different repositories of content – often duplicate files. Structural Group was challenged with managing each of its websites individually as well as creating a consistent, modern online experience that reflected its corporate brand. Structural Group wanted to refresh the look and feel of the website to modernize it and enhance the user experience as well as to make the management of the content across its web presences easier for its staff. 


Structural Tablet View

Previously, Structural Group’s websites were built on .NET Nuke, which restricted their ability to customize and control content. Structural was unable to edit pages or to display the content they wanted to. Drupal was chosen as the web platform for the new web presence due to its content management capabilities, flexibility and ability to empower the Structural Group’s website administrators to manage their content on a granular level. Unleashed Technologies worked with Structural Group to:

  • Rebrand the websites to establish a consistent look and feel for visitors
  • Create a single repository to store content that would be accessible by all sites under Structural Group
  • Enhance usability and design with intuitive navigation and best practices
  • Develop a platform that enables the Structural staff to manage all sites centrally
  • Establish different content page types so that messaging can be tailored to the audience they are trying reach
  • Deliver a reusable design theme in order to be able to create additional sites when needed

Structural Group’s new web platform has a modern design and leverages the latest in Drupal technology in order to effectively manage their various web entities while delivering a consistent, engaging online experience for visitors. As a result of the work on Structural Group’s multiple web presences Structural now has:

  • A consistently branded, highly engaging web presence that spans multiple properties
  • An easy-to-use, centralized content repository that successfully delivers content to all four websites
  • A modernized online presence with the ability to target their visitors with custom and unique content
  • Improved content management with enhanced module development for case studies, blogs, events, and documents
  • Room to grow with a scalable design and web platform that can easily accommodate the deployment of multiple sites
  • With the modern design and robust web platform, Structural Group has the tools it needs to engage visitors, successfully manage its content and continue to grow its business.