The Athletic Group (TAG) was looking to carry their business model, focused on full game footage and the promotion of high school athletes, to the internet in a way that would further strengthen their foothold as the number one provider of high quality video footage to college coaches around the nation for the Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. area.

TAG was also experiencing extreme difficulties with web firms and independent contractors that would leave the project half completed or use poor standards in creating this custom solution for them. The goals were to create a working website that showed their extensive video library, highlighted local teams, brought attention to upcoming players, and yielded a dynamic portal for college coaches to gather scouting reports and high quality DVDs of players they were scouting.

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Unleashed Technologies began by reviewing the current applications that had been put in place and see what code base could be re-used. It would create a game plan to help finish the product and create a new intuitive interface that would dramatically increase customer satisfaction as it pertained to user experience. In addition, a technology solution for short and long term data storage would be devised as the archive of games over many years in business was quite extensive. Per season, TAG would regularly record hundreds of games in both football and basketball.


Unleashed Technologies started with looking at TAG's current code base of incomplete web projects and deduced that the code was unusable due to poor programming techniques and major security risks that put the website, its data, and the visitors of the site at a substantial risk. Unleashed Technologies took the next steps in going over business flow/processes and meeting with TAG to understand all of its expectations in accordance with the web. From these series of meetings the following was derived.

  • A Full Scope of Work
  • Web Design Analysis
  • Short Term Solutions for Video Hosting/Streaming
  • Long Term Plans for a Dedicated Hosting Environment with Direct Video Streaming Services
  • Timeline for Completion

A custom content management system was developed for TAG that spoke specifically to the needs of its organization including regular video uploads, scouting reports, multi-level administration, and e-commerce control through an open source option.


TAG continues to dominate the Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. as the leading provider in scouting and full game footage of high school athletes. The new website fits all the needs and is continually refined based on regular visitor feedback. Unleashed Technologies was able to accomplish the following goals:

  • Recover a Project In Disastrous Shape
  • Create an Intuitive and Easy To Use Website
  • Increase Site Efficiency and Deploy Secure Code
  • Create a Custom Content Management System Specifically for TAG’s Needs
  • Create a Scalable Infrastructure and Flexible Platform
  • Integrate a Third Party Video Solution Seamlessly into the Front and Back End
  • Continually Maintain and Upgrade TAG’s Web Application/Presence

A long term relationship has been established because Unleashed Technologies took the time to understand the business model of TAG and all of its corresponding processes so that it could have a proactive partner that helped map their internet campaign success.