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Since 1910, Maryland China has been proud to offer the largest selection of fine white porcelain and beautiful ceramic pieces for your home and business. Maryland China Company provides premium porcelain and ceramic gift ware, dinnerware, and serving accessories.

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A Need for Speed

Maryland China is a manufacturer, wholesaler, and supplier of fine porcelain and ceramic items with a dedicated audience that has high expectations of the company’s online shopping experience.

As a result, it was a critical issue when credit card processing on its site slowed and was delaying transactions by up to three minutes. This issue was urgent enough to require the Reisterstown, Maryland-based firm to begin looking new digital partner that could be responsive to the company’s technical requirements. They turned to Unleashed due to our expertise in eCommerce and website performance.

Maryland China


Technology Integration to Deliver Performance and Value

With a thorough technical and business case discovery, Unleashed identified the priorities for Maryland China and the most effective and efficient methods to resolve the issues with the site performance. Specifically, our web development team diagnosed problems with the site’s integration. Maryland China’s website was built on a Magento eCommerce content management system (CMS) and integrated with the company’s Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform written in PHP and utilizes multiple PHP frameworks such as Laminas and Symfony. Magento was acquired by Adobe Inc in May 2018 and has now been rebranded and evolved into Adobe Commerce.

Unfortunately, the initial Magento configuration was not written and developed in a way that enabled flexibility as systems evolved. As such, when it came time to upgrade the ERP system, the eCommerce-based site could not handle the upgrade without causing performance issues or even resulting in website failure. Both of these malfunctions can result in lost visitors and, ultimately, lost sales.

Maryland China

Diagnoses Through Discovery

During discovery, Unleashed identified the failures were driven by the use of a single module to deploy and manage nearly all of the site’s customizations. This complex, dense module caused performance issues on the site due to unnecessary coupling of functionality.

The discovery also included a site audit that revealed Magento’s best practices were not being implemented in several segments of the site. Additionally, an outdated Magento theme was in place, creating the additional risk of breaks and performance failures.

Delivering User-Friendly eCommerce

Following our thorough discovery, with collaboration between Unleashed and Maryland China, the teams developed a web technology roadmap to enhance the site performance and make the site more adaptable to evolve with the state of technology moving forward.

The Unleashed team delivered:

  • A new theme that met the brand requirements for Maryland China and the standards for Magento best practices.
  • Optimized performance for eCommerce transactions, resulting in faster transactions and a higher conversion rate.
  • A frictionless, deeper integration with the latest Microsoft Dynamics ERP  
  • A rewritten code for Magento to decouple key features and enabled simplified maintenance and updating.
Maryland China

Keeping Up with the Evolution of Technology

Technology never sits still. It is always in motion and always improving. As a result, Unleashed and Maryland China continue to collaborate to navigate these shifts in technology, whether it is keeping up with site updates, managing the latest SEO trends, or even identifying how to adapt when a product is acquired, such as Magento becoming Adobe Commerce.


Unleashed is well rounded in regard to project managers, programmers, and marketing capabilities. We've used them for other projects, unrelated to Magento, and we know that they're capable of many different things. Unleashed is a one-stop tech shop."

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Jonathan Weiner

Vice President
Maryland China