ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR is a monthly print and online magazine that serves the field of electrical construction. Published by the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), it is headquartered in Bethesda, Md., and covers the electrical construction industry. It has been in publication since 1935. With 80,000+ subscribers, the magazine's audience includes electrical contractor firm owners, engineers, estimators, purchasing agents, project managers, supervisors, journeymen and apprentice electricians and others.

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Leveraging Partnership

With more than 80,000 subscribers, the ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR magazine is a leading voice of the industry with an audience of electrical contractor firm owners, engineers, estimators, purchasing agents, project managers, supervisors, journeymen and apprentice electricians, and others. However, like many publications, there is growing pressure to more its content and its advertising streams to the digital platforms that their readers are using.  

Unleashed had previously collaborated with NECA to create a dynamic platform for ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR that resulted in increased control, usability, and scalability. The solution was built using Drupal 7 and leveraged our substantial knowledge of online magazines and publication production. NECA once again selected Unleashed to redesign its ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR digital experience in Drupal 8 as well as provide ongoing support for future site updated and enhancements. 


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Collaboration for Intuitive Design

Throughout this project, Unleashed worked closely with ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR to ensure that the technology-enhanced, intuitive design enabled the magazine to deliver a superior experience to its users. Together, Unleashed and the magazine leadership identified several key items that the platform needed to deliver: 

  • Granular control over website content, including article placement, photo galleries, and content correlation 

  • A strong taxonomy structure to improve search and disparate content associations 

  • A flexible advertising solution with the ability to serve a variety of third-party ads, choose their position and display frequency, and report fully on impressions 

  • XML batch importer to automate and streamline the addition of new content 

  • Dynamic author control enabling universal updates and the ability for visitors to subscribe to individual authors 

  • Robust rating system for articles 

  • Integration of the Disqus commenting platform 

  • Java and HTML 5 best practices to support engaging design elements, such as the homepage banner, coverflow of past issues, and media kit 


Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) help an organization define the few primary areas of focus to help progress and goals. By defining these KPIs early, we can focus on these items throughout the process of planning, building, testing, and continuing to grow a successful web presence.  

Unleashed worked with ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR to establish the following KPIs to ensure the new website would align with the publication's goals following launch:

  • Reduced manual processes and eased management with automated importing and granular content control
  • 200% - 425% reduction of page load times with sub-two second initial page loads and less than one second cached load speeds
  • Increase newsletter subscriptions
  • Increase Pages per Session
  • Increased web engagement through an intuitive design, social enablement, and information architecture
  • Improved revenue opportunity with a robust advertising platform
  • Increase organic traffic


Amplified Voice Through Digital

Electrical Contractor Case Study


Our work resulted in the creation of a digital experience for ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR magazine that but expanded its role as an industry thought leader. Previously, the website required a significant amount of work to complete simple tasks. However, with the automation of critical processes, the magazine staff can now perform less work and drive a much higher value. 


We're striving to offer our customers - both readers and advertisers - a broad menu of interactive communication tools. Our new site has enabled us to do that more effectively and efficiently. Whether it's an advertiser trying to reach a market or the market trying to get information, having this added dimension is invaluable."

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