Accutrition knew it needed to make some changes to its website and had already decided that Magento was the platform to help them add the functionality they needed to succeed online before coming to Unleashed Technologies. Among the challenges Accutrition needed to resolve were:

  • A cumbersome checkout process
  • Inconsistent – and not always accurate – coupon and promotional functionality
  • Lack of intuitive search
  • Restrictive editing capabilities as a result of hard coded product pages and other design elements
  • A design layout that wasn’t optimized for conversion

After viewing a webinar led by Unleashed Technologies on the value of Magento Enterprise over Magento Community, Accutrition determined that it needed to reevaluate its decision to create its new website in Magento Community in order to take advantage of the enhanced features and functionality native to Magento Enterprise. Accutrition chose Unleashed Technologies to migrate the work that had already been done in Community to Enterprise and finish the full deployment of their new site.


Unleashed Technologies worked closely with Accutrition to understand their needs and requirements and customize the Magento platform to better serve their client base. The development of Accutrition required a migration of initial development from Magento Community to Magneto Enterprise along with substantial work to resolve code errors and institute coding best practices. The platform now delivers:

Accutrition Tablet View

  • Theme and design enhancements that improve user experience
  • Inventory tracking and sales order and transaction management capabilities
  • The ability to manage customer accounts
  • One-page checkout to increase conversion
  • Nextopia search integration
  • Fully functioning coupons and discount capabilities
  • The ability to customize SEO

In addition to the migration to Magento Enterprise and the design and functionality customizations made to accommodate Accutrition’s needs, Unleashed Technologies also migrated the website to its custom hosting environment in order to ensure uptime and site speed.


Following the complete migration from Magento Community to Magento Enterprise, Accutrition now has a robust website capable of delivering an optimized eCommerce experience to its clients for its 7000+ products. The results of this effort include:

  • Flexibility for the team at Accutrition to add new products and design elements on demand
  • Increased customer satisfaction by offering free shipping, the ability to use two coupons at once and other popular incentives
  • Enhanced engagement and merchandising capabilities with fast, accurate search containing autocomplete and autocorrect functionality to deliver targeted results
  • Powerful reporting to understand how the site is being used, what clients are looking for and what items are selling the best to better meet client needs
  • Improved social sharing functionality and optimized design elements to increase web engagement

The development and design work performed by Unleashed Technologies leveraged the power of Magento Enterprise to deliver an engaging, conversion optimized site that offers the latest in eCommerce functionality to its users. Because Accutrition is on Unleashed Technologies’ Support and Growth plan, new initiatives are in the works to continually enhance the functionality and offer new capabilities to its clients. This ongoing improvement to Accutrition.com will ensure that the site is constantly up to date, well maintained and fully supported.