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Supernus Pharmaceuticals (Supernus) is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing products for the treatment of central nervous system (CNS) diseases. Supernus has experienced tremendous success and growth in the last 25 years since its inception.

Its vision is to be the leading specialty pharmaceutical company developing and commercializing new medicines in neurology and psychiatry. In order to accomplish this goal, Supernus must drive growth and profitability by focusing on sales and marketing initiatives in the United States in order to attract new investors.

The existing Supernus website hindered its marketing efforts by leveraging a non-responsive design and encumbering the visitor with text-heavy pages. Supernus once again turned to the open source experts at Unleashed Technologies to update its website’s backend technology, provide a more intuitive experience for its visitors, and create a responsive design for evolving technologies.



Unleashed Technologies worked closely with Supernus to ensure that the new site offers an engaging interface that follows web best practices and powerfully communicates the vision of Supernus to its key audiences.

In an effort to challenge traditional website design elements, Supernus and Unleashed Technologies created a sidebar main navigation menu on the right-hand side of the new website. In addition to leveraging an innovative design, Unleashed Technologies indexed the entire website by adding a site map to help both users and search engines locate content.

Additionally, Unleashed Technologies worked with Supernus to upgrade its CMS from Drupal 7 to the newly released Drupal 8. As part of its migration to Drupal 8, the new supernus.com now features:

Drupal 8

Drupal 8 CMS: advanced integration tools, content modeling, and configuration management

Stock Ticker

An Integrated Investor Relations Site: IR.supernus.com provides live stock ticker information for visitors via a visually engaging presentation of key data

Angular JS

Angular.js Framework: a declarative user interface written in HTML programming language increasing performance and flexibility in front-end design


A 200% Reduction in Load Speed: higher retention rates for visitors and quick caching updates


Headless Drupal: splitting edit and display capabilities via Drupal 8 and Angular.js for flexible user interface design


HTML Flats: a responsive design placing emphasis on usability



Following the launch of the new website in June 2016, positive user feedback from Supernus visitors proves the site is more intuitive, accessible, and responsive than ever before. The Supernus site now provides easy user navigation to the most desired sections and proper text length for easy scanning and readability allowing visitors to find what they want quickly within each page.

By using the latest workflow applications, the new Supernus.com will heighten Supernus Pharmaceuticals’ marketing efforts in the United States. This will result in increased visibility in its marketplace and new investor relations, driving growth and profitability.

Unleashed Technologies continues to assist Supernus in ongoing site improvements via its Support & Growth Package model. The new Supernus.com is the first site developed by Unleashed Technologies that features Drupal 8. In addition, The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA) recognized Unleashed Technologies as a Silver Winner for the 2016 W3 Awards in the category of Website Features: User Experience for our work on the Supernus Pharmaceuticals Drupal 8 site. 


"I appreciate Unleashed Technologies' ability to problem-solve in a unique way. They have no boundaries in terms of ability. If a client needs a certain piece of functionality or flow, Unleashed Technologies will put time and effort into learning what it will take to complete that task.

Megan Greenwell, Manager, Database Administrator, Supernus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


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