Realterm seeks to build and invest in value-added business platforms that have a proprietary position in their markets, source investments with favorable supply/demand dynamics, and bring intense focus to operating results. As a real estate operator, the organization invests in business platforms to help develop, acquire, lease, and manage properties for private equity real estate. Realterm’s vision is to be recognized as North America's most dynamic investment manager of strategic real assets by the year 2020. However, Realterm’s existing website was not dynamic and did not reflect the organization’s goal. The site suffered from text-heavy paragraphs, bland design, and unresponsive landing pages that deterred visitor engagement.

In an effort to modernize, revitalize, and enhance the performance of its website, Realterm turned to the web development experts at Unleashed Technologies along with its design partner, Bates Creative, to migrate to the Drupal 8 platform and deliver an engaging, content rich experience.


Unleashed Technologies worked closely with Bates Creative to ensure that the new site offers an engaging interface that follows web best practices and powerfully communicates the vision of Realterm to its key audiences. As part of this process, Unleashed Technologies worked with Realterm to upgrade its CMS to Drupal 8, the latest version of the open source content management platform.

Drupal 8 delivers data-driven web, mobile, and social experiences, a responsive, mobile-first design, and the ability to make changes quickly, effectively, and efficiently to boost visitor engagement.

The new realterm.com now features:

Drupal 8

Drupal 8 CMS: an engine for innovation, breaking the static reputation and offering continued scalability 

Foundation of Sites

Foundation of Sites: wide range of modular and flexible components for customizable front-end framework 

Responsive Design

Responsive Design: flexible content delivery to any device for enhanced accessibility

Page Depth and Animation

Page Depth and Animation: custom parallax website design and development 

Page Depth and Animation

Three Interconnected Subsites: online entities for Realterm sectors: Aeroterm, Realterm Logistics, and IndoSpace


Following the launch of the Drupal 8 site in September 2016, Realterm’s dynamic new web presence attracts visitors with enhanced SEO functionality, an easy-to-use interface, and a fully responsive design that can be reached on all devices. Page visits last longer by encouraging visitors to scroll through the entire page with parallax design and features a story-telling approach to guide visitors through the site.

Realterm is now able to better establish investor relations resources online to enable consistent and timely communication. Unleashed Technologies also enhanced the effectiveness of Realterm’s internal controls and management information system architecture to drive a competitive advantage for its operating platforms and superior performance for its investors.