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Chesapeake Systems had built a Microsoft Access database system to manage their quoting process. As the software aged, it started to fail. Patches and fixes could not keep the system running at peak performance and the ten-year-old platform became very unstable and would crash regularly. This impairment became quite frustrating for end users and slowed down their quoting process. Chesapeake Systems was ready to build a new web-based quoting software system with enhanced features to improve their ability to drive business. They interviewed several companies to complete the development required to complete this custom web application development and selected Unleashed Technologies as the firm that best understood their business, its processes and the challenges they were facing. “From day one, the Unleashed Technologies team knew our business,” commented Tyler Lee, Vice President of Commercial Sales for Chesapeake Systems. “We interviewed five different companies and what blew us away about Unleashed Technologies was how well they knew our business model and the challenges we were facing.”


Unleashed Technologies worked closely with the team at Chesapeake Systems to understand the business processes to be supported by the custom quote software and what enhancements were desired. Our web development experts elected to replace the Access database with an Ajax and JavaScript driven custom web application to fulfill the business requirements Chesapeake Systems had.

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The Chesapeake Quoting System, as the application is now named, was developed to service all divisions of the company and provide the features and functionality required to expedite the quoting process. Included in this solution is the ability to:

  • Deliver the contacts and product information specific to each division across the company so that quotes can be generated that contain the information that is unique to each division
  • Report on various aspects of the sales and fulfillment process, including wins/losses by sales person, submitted jobs, items quoted or sold by manufacturer, and more
  • Streamline quote completion by optimizing workflows
  • Enable the autopopulation of product information based on templates that allow for sales staff to customize certain fields
  • Easily find the right products and other information required for quoting with autocomplete and search functionality
  • Automatically calculate freight and generate proposals directly from the CQS

“While the new system does have some of the same features of the previous system, the processes and functionality are greatly enhanced,” said Tyler Lee.


Following the launch of the Chesapeake Quoting System, Chesapeake Systems saw a marked improvement in their quote building processes. The CQS is allowing Chesapeake Systems to process 10-20 jobs daily and gain a better understanding of how its sales and fulfillment processes are performing. “We do a ton of quotes and it’s allowing us to get our job done at least 25% faster,” remarked Mr. Lee. “The workflows have been streamlined and optimized, the accuracy is phenomenal – better than expected, actually – and the user interface is highly intuitive making quote building so much easier than it had been.”

Unleashed Technologies was responsive in developing our website and quotation platform. They've continued to be readily available whenever we needed modifications to any of our websites.

Tyler Lee, Director of Sales


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