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The American Association for the Advancement of Science is an international non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of science around the world. As part of its position of leadership in the science community, AAAS delivers science related news, publications, career information, and more from its website. AAAS provides a lot of content on the web and has 20-30 editors contributing to the site at any given time with publishing schedules that must be maintained. Because of the limitations in control given to content managers, technical experts had to be called in for publishing content and modifying navigation, which slowed down the process. In addition, the main AAAS website was in need of modernization, where newer technologies such as advanced search, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, and JavaScript could be utilized to provide an engaging user experience and further the advancement of science to which AAAS is committed.


AAAS Tablet View

Following the successful development to improve the control, functionality and integration of AAAS’ Science Careers and Science News sites, AAAS reached out to Unleashed Technologies to help them improve the search, content creation, and functionality of the main AAAS website. AAAS was formerly on WordPress and desired to migrate to Drupal to benefit from the high level of content control and flexibility it offered. Unleashed Technologies built a parser in order to migrate content direct to Drupal from WordPress. Unleashed Technologies worked closely with the AAAS team to deliver:

  • A strong search capable of delivering improved results and giving the visitor the ability to filter information by search term, category and date
  • Highly flexible media management to empower the staff to place images across the site in a variety of sizes directly from the CMS and optimize them for best performance
  • The ability to create complex editorial workflows to ease the creation and management of content
  • Strong integration with other sites in the AAAS web presence
  • Customized WYSIWYG to grant a high level of control to content managers

The AAAS.org website is the flagship website of the world’s largest science non-profit. The site had been out of date, provided very little relevant content, and was difficult to manage for the internal team. Working together with Unleashed Technologies the AAAS team was able to create a stunning website with high usability prepared for responsive website integration. In all AAAS was able to:

  • Reinvigorate its primary web presence
  • Deliver continuous on-demand publishing
  • Increase its web engagement statistics
  • Share with other sites within the AAAS infrastructure
  • Provide scalable search across all web properties right from the main website
  • Help clearly guide members and visitors of the website to the sections or affiliate websites containing the important information they were looking for