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Built for Manufacturers Reps. Proven to Increase Efficiency. AccuQuote empowers Manufacturers’ Reps with the information they need to control their revenue pipeline. From quick and accurate quoting, to follow up, to win, start up and close out – AccuQuote keeps you in sync with the information you need to grow your business. 100% accurate quotes in under 10 minutes, live quote tracking – know the status of every quote in real time.

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Industry Innovations

HVAC manufacturer representatives often use a collection of tools to manage their business. From whiteboards in offices to keep track of due dates, to spreadsheets to organize quotes, people have had to piece together the functionality they need across tools and technologies. However, these manually maintained methods get out of date quickly and have the potential to be inaccurate due to human error.  

AccuQuote realized this short coming in the industry and set out to create software that could serve all the core business needs of HVAC manufacturer representatives. When Unleashed Technolgies partnered with AccuQuote, they knew they needed a new web presence to help them communicate this competitive advantage. Through our Growth Model, our team was able design and develop a digital experience that allowed AccuQuote to showcase their differentiators, increases lead generation with targeted email marketing campaigns, and closes those leads with landing pages designed with conversion optimization in mind. 




Increase in total traffic
Increase in organic traffic
Increase in qualified leads

Returning the Service

Just as AccuQuote helps HVAC manufacturer representatives grow their businesses, Unleashed wanted to provide the same service back to AccuQuote. Our team worked closely with theirs to create a strategic plan that ensures the new site resonates with their key audiences and meets their core business needs.

One of the first things our team did was establish the following Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure our efforts and help AccuQuote meet their goals. 

  • Increase year over year traffic to AccuQuote site by 50% 

  • Increase year over year organic traffic to AccuQuote site by 100% 

  • Improve Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) generation by 100% 

Unleashed then worked with AccuQuote to build features that would meet those KPIs. For example, to increase organic traffic, our team completed a structured data markup and indexed the entire website by adding a site map to help both users and search engines locate content. Additionally, we leveraged design to boost conversion rates for all newly created landing pages and created an A/B testing model using analytical data to improve open rates and click-through rates for AccuQuote’s targeted email campaigns.


Providing New Benefits

AccuQuote’s website now offers visitors an online experience that aligns with their wants and needs. The site also empowers visitors to make an educated buying decision by presenting the exact information they need when they are looking for it. The AccuQuote.Direct website features: 

  • WordPress CMS that offers simple scalability for the future and flexible content delivery for an ever-growing audience. 

  • HubSpot CRM that tracks internal communications, allows for the placement of on page lead flows, real-time updates, and integrates sales and marketing teams.

  • Integrated SEO tools that allow AccuQuote to improve their performance on search engines, drive higher traffic from targeted audiences, and leverage the design to optimize a stronger conversion rate. 

  • markup that helps search engines return more informative results for users and potential clients.