ARINC Industry Activities, an industry program of SAE Industry Technologies Consortia (ITC), organizes aviation industry activities AEEC, AMC, and FSEMC to establish consensus technical standards, known globally as ARINC Standards, and develop shared technical solutions. ARINC Standards and collaborative solutions improve cost-effectiveness, increase productivity, and reduce life-cycle costs for airlines and their partners in the avionics, cabin system, and flight simulation and training segments of the aviation industry.

ARINC Industry Activities (IA) had an existing web presence on ColdFusion which needed to be migrated to a modern, flexible platform. Unleashed Technologies worked with ARINC and selected Drupal 7 as the new CMS and Drupal Commerce for their eCommerce functions.

When Unleashed Technologies initially engaged with ARINC IA, the plan for a revitalized site included the following goals:

  • Successful migration of eCommerce site from ColdFusion to a new Drupal 7 property
  • A flexible web property in accordance the ARINC’s desired integrations for CRM and event functionality
  • An updated design and refreshed user experience

Unleashed Technologies worked closely with ARINC IA to align with their organizational requirements and goals to select the best technology for the new site’s content management system. The existing eCommerce site was migrated over to the Drupal 7 CMS, providing an open, flexible platform on which ARINC IA could grow with in the future.

Additionally, the upgraded ARINC IA website is engaging for the users, improving the site’s overall user experience. Visitors are ensured to have an on-brand and easy-to-use experience that is navigable on mobile, tablet, and full desktop. The new aviation-ia.com features:

Drupal 7 CMS | ARINC Case Study

Drupal CMS: Drupal is a scalable content management system that allows for future growth and flexible content delivery for an evolving audience.


ecommerce | ARINC Case Study

Drupal Commerce 2.x: ARINC IA offers downloadable, printable, and physical products. Drupal Commerce has a lightweight structure that offers flexible management and display of all product options throughout the site. 


Integrations | ARINC Case Study

Built for Integrations: ARINC IA required a solid web platform built to handle integrations, such as CRM and event management tools. The new site was designed to be both workable with existing third-party tools and potential future integrations.

Content Migration | ARINC Case Study

Content Migration: Content from the previous site was cleanly migrated to the new web presence, ensuring existing files, data, and backups were correctly formatted and displayed. This was accomplished through both manual and automatic migrations.


ARINC Case Study  - laptop image

Following the launch of the Drupal 7 site, ARINC IA now offers its clients and visitors a reenvisioned online experience with an enhanced user experience.

By migrating existing eCommerce data to the Drupal Commerce 2.x, Unleashed Technologies provided a means by which ARINC IA could leverage their existing products on a flexible, open platform. Shipping methods were configured to create a streamlined eCommerce experience.