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At Accutrition, we believe in the health and wellness of our clients. Optimal health can be achieved with balance, knowledge, and commitment. The Accutrition team of professionals will help you separate the fact from fiction regarding overall health and wellness and supplementation. At Accutrition, we believe in providing you with the highest quality supplements in order to bridge the gap and "supplement" your diet to reach your nutritional goals.

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Reimagining eCommerce

Before our teams had ever met, Accutrition knew they needed to make some changes to their website to enhance. They knew they needed e-Commerce and decideded that Magento was the platform to help them succeed online. With over 7,000 products from more than 50 brands, they needed a way to manage accounts and orders, and their customer needed an easier way to find products.  



Improved e-Commerce
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Getting the Most Out of Products

Although Accutrition had already settled on Magento, after viewing an Unleashed webinar they decided to reevaluate their decision to use Magento Community over Magento Enterprise. Ultimately, to add the functionality they needed, Accutrition decided to use Enterprise for the full deployment of their new site. 


Giving Site Health the Proper Attention

Through the course of the project, Unleashed worked closely with Accutrition to understand their needs, requirements, and clients.  

One of our major efforts was conducting a migration of initial development from Magento Community to Magneto Enterprise. This allows us to create the best user experience possible and to align with Accutrition’s new direction. Unleashed also took this time to resolve code errors and institute coding best practices. At the end of the project, Accutrition had a robust website capable of delivering an optimized eCommerce experience for its customers. Features of the new website included:  

  • Theme and design enhancements that improve user experience 

  •  Nextopia search integration 

  • The ability to manage customer accounts 

  • One-page checkout to increase conversion 

  • Inventory tracking and sales order and transaction management capabilities

  • Fully functioning coupons and discount capabilities 

  • The ability to customize SEO 

Insuring Ongoing Wellness

The development and design work our team did with Accutrition leveraged the power of Magento Enterprise to deliver an engaging, conversion optimized site that offers the latest in eCommerce functionality to its users. The results of this effort include: 

  • Flexibility for the team at Accutrition to add new products and design elements on demand 

  • Increased customer satisfaction by offering free shipping, the ability to use two coupons at once and other popular incentives 

  • Enhanced engagement and merchandising capabilities with fast, accurate search containing autocomplete and autocorrect functionality to deliver targeted results 

  • Powerful reporting to understand how the site is being used, what clients are looking for and what items are selling the best to better meet client needs 

  • Improved social sharing functionality and optimized design elements to increase web engagement