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A member-driven organization, NACS is led by a 32-member Board of Directors. The Board performs their advisory and oversight function through well-structured, planned, and assigned committees to take advantage of the expertise of the directors. The mission of NACS is to represent the convenience retailing industry and to assist members in increasing their current and future effectiveness and profitability.

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Educating the Industry

With more than 1 million convenience stores around the world, NACS plays a critical role in providing the resources, education, and training necessary to help convenience stores and fuel retailers. One of the most effective ways that associations accomplishes this is through the NACS Magazine.  

In an effort to modernize, revitalize, and enhance their online presence, NACS turned to the digital experts at Unleashed to create a separate web presence for NACS Magazine and deliver an engaging, content-rich experience for its members and readers.




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Engaging Users

Prior to working with Unleashed and a creative partner, NACS Magazine's online presence was housed within the association's primary website. However, this structure limited the magazine's capabilities and scalability as the leading industry news provider. Unleashed understood that a text-heavy, unresponsive interface would not meet the growing user expectations of digital magazine readers.  To better engage the magazine's readers, NACS needed unique workflow processes to create, publish, distribute, monetize, and analyze their content. 

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A Dedicated Web Presence

To address the challenges, our team built a dynamic new web presence for NACS Magazine that captured the distinct design of the print version. As part of this process, Unleashed also worked closely with NACS to migrate the magazine content to its own Drupal website. 

The new features:  

  • An InDesign XML Importer enables NACS' content managers to seamlessly push web content to the Adobe Experience Manager Mobile app 

  • Enterprise-class Drupal content management system (CMS) allowing NACS to integrate with publisher applications easily 

  • Single Sign-On capability allows NACS' members to carry their credentials from the primary site to the magazine site 

  • New web presence enables the magazine to provide a unique, engaging, content-rich experience for its members 

  • Responsive design provides flexible content delivery to any device for enhanced accessibility and visibility 



Built for Growth

With a clean, responsive design that can be viewed on all devices and an easy-to-use interface, the website has provided NACS a platform that allows advertisers to expand their reach. Overall, the new dynamic Drupal website has allowed NACS Magazine to increase membership engagement and has become an enhanced revenue source for the organization. 

However, the web is fluid and always in motion. As such, NACS continues to partner with Unleashed through its Growth Model to maximize the impact of the magazine. This work includes the development of streamlined workflow processes that provides consistency between both the web and digital version of the magazine and yields a more native mobile experience.