Women in Aviation International (WAI) is a nonprofit, membership-based organization dedicated to providing networking opportunities and educational resources for women pursuing career fields and interests in aviation. Since its inception in 1990, WAI has grown to host more than 12,000 active members worldwide.

WAI is the largest network of aspiring and established aviation professionals. Its diverse membership includes astronauts, pilots, technicians, flight attendants, and students. WAI serves to encourage career advancement for women in aviation everywhere by sharing the rich history of notable women like Amelia Earhart who led the runway for women to soar higher than ever before.

WAI’s existing website was designed for visitors to sign up for and manage their memberships, register for events, explore the latest news, browse publications, and access WAI’s online resources. However, the site was outdated, cluttered, and featured a text-heavy, non-responsive design. Due to their vast membership, WAI was in need of a website redesign that would revitalize branding, increase functionality, and host their visitors and members more effectively. In order to accomplish all of these goals, WAI turned to the team of Unleashed Technologies and Bates Creative to update its backend technology, streamline digital experiences for its visitors, and create a responsive design for evolving technologies.


Unleashed Technologies developed the wireframes, architecture, and site building while collaborating with ¬its design partner, Bates Creative, to design an engaging website that reflects WAI’s digital goals.

In order to position membership more prominently within the site, WAI’s navigation menu now accentuates membership options, chapter locations, and member accounts.

Additionally, Unleashed Technologies worked with WAI to upgrade its CMS from WordPress to Drupal 7. As part of the migration to Drupal 7, the new WAI.org now features:

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An easy-to-use enterprise Drupal 7 website that grants access to individual WAI members from any device

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A responsive, mobile first design with a low bandwidth using Bo­­­otstrap ­3

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A revitalized brand featuring a palette of light blue, dark blue, and orange

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Attention-grabbing CTA’s with links to WAI’s store, AFW magazine, and WAI social media channels

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A simplified main navigation menu that is organized and user friendly

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A custom-built ERP management information system to easily monitor relevant data

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A secure site via HTTPS authenticating the website and protecting the privacy of exchanged data for its members


Women in Aviation International website

Following the launch of the new website in July 2016, positive user feedback to WAI proves the site is more intuitive, accessible, and user-friendly than ever before. Members can now easily access information and resources that WAI provides using any device they choose.

Unleashed Technologies’ ability to meet deadlines and understand our client’s needs led to a successful website redesign that met WAI’s goals. Unleashed Technologies continues to assist WAI in ongoing site improvements via its Support & Growth Package model and the organization will be utilized once again for Phase Two of WAI’s initiative. Improvements Unleashed Technologies will be implementing in Phase Two will include integrating payment processing for WAI’s online store as well as integrating the entire magazine publication directly on the site.  

I enjoyed working with Unleashed Technologies and felt that they had a good understanding of their industry, as well as our needs. We've received very positive feedback from members and users in general for our website. Its launch was meant to coincide with our 2017 scholarships, so the traffic and interest for the site were large right off the bat. It handled the load well and we've gotten a ton of feedback from people looking for something new, who have enjoyed the ease and feasibility of our platform.

Kelly Nelson, Director of Communications at Women in Aviation International


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