Drupal 7 Web Deployment

Drupal 7 Web Deployment

Client: Glaucoma Center of Michigan

Glaucoma Center of Michigan (GCM) was established in 1985 as the first ophthalmic practice in Michigan dedicated exclusively to the diagnosis, management, and treatment of all types of glaucoma and cataracts. GCM has over 50 years of combined experience in providing the highest quality of care for complex glaucoma and cataract problems.


Glaucoma Center of Michigan (GCM) is a long standing organization who had outlived the shelf life of it's existing web presence. The existing website did not have a content management system, was not web compliant, and did not have the necessary information that would be valuable to the center's patients. In addition, Glaucoma Center of Michigan had major initiatives that included better educating their client base with media, allowing for the fulfillment of prescriptions online, and providing easy access to information for their three locations.

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Unleashed Technologies worked with the project stakeholders to appropriately identify the largest areas in which a return on investment could be established. After substantial vetting they were the ideal candidate for a Drupal 7 deployment. The content platform would provide them with intuitive management capabilities, Ecommerce purchasing/management/reporting for meeting patient demands, and a design more reflective of the organizations success after 26 years in business. When working with GCM we deduced the following major areas of focus:

  • Intuitive Interface and Content Accessibility for the Visually Impaired
  • A Flexible Content Management System (CMS) for Basic Self-Administration
  • A Complete Re-Design and Site Navigation Restructure
  • A State of the Art Platform for Future Feature Integration
  • E-Commerce and Process Automation for Decreased Manual Adminsitration
  • Reliable Web Hosting and DNS Management
  • Educational Media Integration

A cohesive timeline and strategy was crafted and deployed for implementing these major areas of focus with GCM.  This was achieved through our proactive consultation strategy involving the Glaucoma Center of Michigan every step of the way.


The results were the deployment of a streamlined Drupal 7 deployment utilizing the newest available features in advanced web engagement. By working with Unleashed Technologies Glaucoma Center of Michigan was able to provide all of the major initiatives back to its patients. The final result is a powerful design built to deliver targeted information to existing and new patients. This drastically reduced costs for the organization on basic web management fees, decreased staff involvement for manual transaction related processes, and fully integrated streaming media content provided by Eyemaginations, Inc.


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