American Public Power Association

Across the nation, approximately 2,000 public power utilities provide electricity to 49 million people. Public power serves 49 states — all except Hawaii — and the territories of American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Of the nation’s public power utilities, about 1,400 are members of the American Public Power Association.

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The Plan for the Future

The American Public Power Association (APPA) represents public power before the federal government and advocates for the interest of over 49 million public power utilities customers and 93,000 industry employees. With those responsibilities in mind, the association understands the importance of evolving with technology and ensuring the APPA effectively communicates through all available channels. 

To that end, The APPA launched a comprehensive three-year strategic plan to help public power utilities address challenges and take advantage of the opportunities brought by recent technological and societal shifts. To support this initiative, APPA understood the importance of digital communications and have a strong web presence, and partnered with Unleashed to design, build, and launch a new Drupal website.




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Mission Focused

APPA and our Unleashed team of strategists, developers, and designers began this initiative with clear goals: Provide a website that best represents the APPA mission and improve user experience. 

To support those goals, APPA and our experts developed a plan to revitalize their web presence and meet the following objectives:

  • An updated website design to improve the user experience and increase engagements 

  • A restructured content designed to optimize targeted conversions  

  • Enhanced search engine optimization (SEO) performance and increase the APPA’s social media impact 

  • A site platform for featured grants and scholarship available to members with improved search and filtering functionality  

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Fulfilling Digital Potential

By the end of the project, the new and improved APPA website was fully responsive, aligned with the strategic plan, and leveraged best-in-breed technology. Some of the new features include:  

  • The latest Drupal CMS available, offering scalability for the future and flexible content delivery for an evolving audience 

  • An integration with Aptify, APPA’s selected association management system (AMS), that performs a variety of membership services, including website authorization using a custom single sign-on (SSO) module 

  • A content paywall using a website module that dictates content access based on user roles and permissions, giving members access to exclusive content and driving non-members through an engaging process that promotes membership and accelerates new applications 

  • Integrated SEO tools to allow APPA to improve its performance on search engines and drive higher traffic from targeted audiences 

  • A new design to improve the user journey and optimized to increase conversions rate and drive new memberships. 

  • A grant and scholarship database for the Demonstration of Energy & Efficiency Developments (DEED Projects) that allows users to search the content using a variety of filters 

The APPA’s website now offers its visitors a leading-edge online experience. The site features an enhanced user experience and an easy-to-use interface that allows members to easily identify and obtain the content and information they are seeking. The result is a better user experience and a stronger connection with the APPA. 


Always On, Always Improving

While the APPA three-year plan may have come to a close, the commitment to evolve and grow the organization never ends. That commitment applies to the association’s web presence as well. 

Through our Growth Model, the APPA and Unleashed are always reviewing the performance of the website and how it is fulfilling its role to support the APPA strategic initiatives.  These can be simple adjustments to SEO keywords, a CMS update to maximize page speed, or a completely new web presence. It is all about keeping the APPA is a position of strength.