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The Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) is a professional association of more than 35,000 members committed to promoting excellence in oncology nursing and the transformation of cancer care. With minds that never stop learning. With hearts that never stop caring. With you, we are transforming cancer care for the better, forever.

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By Nurses and For Nurses

In 1973, 20 oncology nurses noticed a need for a national organization to support their profession. These nurses took it upon themselves to spark interest among their colleagues and launch the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS). Today, ONS provides cancer caregivers at any point on the clinical ladder the ability to advance their learning and careers, understand and contribute to oncology science and best practices, advocate for their profession, and ultimately advance their cause—to continuously improve the quality of cancer care and the lives of every nurse who provides it. 

One of their primary vehicles to do this is through its website. However, its website did not have the functionality or the engagement opportunities necessary to support its members and other caregivers and fulfill its mission.



Sharing Knowledge

One of the ways that ONS supports its members and the community is by publishing a clinical journal, nursing forum, and eBooks. When Unleashed met ONS, they were using Metapress to bring their publications online. This platform had an out-of-date design, lacked styling options, was not mobile friendly, and was difficult for subscribers to read.  

ONS also wanted to unify the branding of its website and publications, provide a stellar user experience for all visitors, and have the ability to customize the design and functionality within their online publications. 


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Creating Strategic Partnerships

To address these challenges, ONS turned to the Unleashed team and its design partners. Through the discovery process, the team worked with ONS to gain a comprehensive understanding of their needs and requirements.

Our team developed a robust solution for ONS that delivered the right content to the right audience, allowed ONS to control the look and feel as well as functionality that it delivered through its online publications, and eased the management of content. 

Our team also developed Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to measure results in Google Analytics. These KPI’s measure conversion activities, such as downloads of PDFs, reading full articles, number of articles read/pages visited.

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Streamlined Publishing

The ONS website now enhances engagement, delivers a superior experience to individual and institutional subscribers, and automates the management of its online publications. The solution included:  

  • Migration of content to Drupal – Unleashed normalized the data in Metapress in order to facilitate migration to Drupal. Due to the long history of content for ONS’s publications, all articles published between 2008 – 2014 were integrated with the newly implemented theme with all content prior to 2007 elected to remain in PDF and flat HTML format, though still retaining access rights.  

  • Increased engagement opportunities - Unleashed deployed enhanced SOLR search functionality, social sharing, and commenting capabilities, and a robust taxonomy to recommend related content. The new enhancements deliver the relevant content to its audience and drive deeper engagement. 

  • Fully automated content entry – ONS leverages Unleashed’s publishing platform, an XML importer that automatically formats INDD files to push to Drupal and then to external journal repositories. This functionality helps ONS to expand their audience online. With one click, they can send to PubMed, OVID, and other journal repositories where health professionals can search for, find, and purchase articles on the healthcare topic they are most interested.

  • Highly customized access rights via eCommerce – Drupal Commerce was highly customized in order to provide multiple points of access for any given article published by ONS. Among the access rights covered within this solution, were open access for ONS members, one-time purchases of single articles, and journal subscribers, as well as the ability to offer free access to all content during week-long promotions. 

  • Single Sign-On – Unleashed integrated iMIS and Drupal to provide single sign-on capabilities across and the store site. Individual ONS members can log in with their iMIS validated credentials and gain access to the journals published in the ONS online store.  

  • Control over branding and content display – The new design for ONS is supported by a multi-site installation of Drupal. Each journal has its own color set but uses the same theme as the other sites to ensure consistency. As part of the migration to Drupal, Unleashed employs Panels. Panels are being leveraged to provide a superior user experience and content relationships. It enables the filtering and displaying of content based on the theme in use so that content specific to the Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing is only shown in that journal and does not appear in the other ONS publications.

Controlling The Digital Journey

Following robust internal training and a successful engagement strategy with members, the new website has enabled ONS to become more self-sufficient and allowed its membership to become more engaged with the society. The digital journey for ONS has moved to a new stage that gives them more control over setting their own path.


They are always very responsive. We'll come to Unleashed with a potential challenge, and they'll provide us with a couple of different opportunities for revision. It's more collaborative, which is absolutely appreciated when compared to our previous experience."

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Leslie McGee

Managing Editor
Oncology Nursing Society