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Extraco (an acronym for Exporters and Traders Compress) exceeds $1.5 billion in assets, serves 120,000 customers across 15 branch locations, participates in hundreds of volunteer community leadership roles, and, most importantly, employs 330 Central Texans. 

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A Banking Website for the Digital Age

With new marketing leadership in place, Extraco Banks understood the need to emphasize digital communications and quickly realized that their previous website did not provide the foundation, functionality, or the control for greater emphasis on digital. 

In today’s market, customers and partners expect their bank to communicate quickly and effectively via its website and provide a positive user experience across their digital channels. Additionally, the bank wanted an increased emphasis on its mission-based programs around entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and community outreach.  

To accomplish these objectives, the bank understood the need for an agile and powerful website to be central to any digital strategy, meet the growing clients’ expectations and continue to be competitive in a banking industry increasingly driven by technology. 

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Improved User Experience  
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Updated, Flexible Platform 
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Simplified Content Management 

A MVP for Digital Engagements

Extraco Banks turned to Unleashed to create a web presence that could serve as the core of its digital marketing efforts. To serve as the foundation for this technological evolution, Unleashed designed and developed a minimum viable product (MVP) website for Extraco. 

By using the MVP – a concept taken from the agile development process – it allows the combined teams to focus on getting a new website up quicker while providing the minimum amount of functionality necessary to engage with customers and visitors.  

This approach allows for a focused project that does not get off track due to less important or unnecessary features. Moreover, the MVP is viewed as a starting point to learn what works best for the bank’s audiences and add functionality post-launch to only increase value. 

A Flexible, Launchpad for Bank Marketing

The result of the MVP approach is a vibrant, engaging, and focused website delivering the flexibility the banks’ marketing team needs. The clean and responsive design is focused on priority messaging while providing a strong user journey for visitors navigating services or looking to download the mobile app supporting client services. 

With support from Unleashed, Extraco has also been able to easily add visual components, like an image-based carousel, and roll out new forms that engage with diverse clients. 

Additionally, the website’s resource center – which provides a library of content for diverse audiences – has become central to the bank’s marketing campaigns and helped to launch new social media campaigns.  It has also become an internal training tool for staff learning about functions and responsibilities across the banks.  

The site flexibility and ease of use has allowed the marketing department to manage increased input from other departments. For example, to decrease the internal chats between the frontline team and the call center, the marketing team has worked with the call center to maintain an ongoing update of the frequently asked questions and create correlating content within the resource center. The result is more up-to-date information and more consistent messaging from the Extraco Banks team. 

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Vital Resource During a Challenging Time

Like every other organization in 2020, Extraco Banks needed to quickly adjust to the public health requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the new website has been essential to many of those efforts. 

As an example, the Extraco staff – supported by the Unleashed team – quickly set up forms to facilitate curbside service. For business customers, the digitization of the business change order process allows Extraco Banks to provide smooth drive-through or curbside services to key clients during a stressful time. 

The website has also been pivotal in communications around the rollout of several new video teller ExtraBanker machines, which provides diverse services, including the ability to speak to a live banker.  


A Relationship and A Commitment to Improve

With an MVP approach, it is vital to work with a trusted partner as the digital presence is viewed as a project that is always evolving and always improving.  

Even with all these improvements, the most exciting part of the banks’ website is the amount of information the company is gathering. Each week, the Extraco Banks and Unleashed teams connect to analyze the data, discuss the bank’s latest objectives and goals, and use the information to identify areas of opportunity and potential improvements for the web presence. 


Their expertise, flexibility, and affordability are noteworthy… They did a really good job with project management when we were working on building out the site, so it’s hard for me to even come up with something that a potential client would need to do.” 

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Libby Cain

Senior Vice President, Manager Mission and Marketing Strategy
Extraco Banks 

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