Drupal Blue Drop Award for Best Association Website

Unleashed is pleased to announce that it has been honored with a Drupal Blue Drop Award for Best Association Website for its development on the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) web presence.

AAAS is a leader in the science community and has a web presence that enables it to publish its content on-demand and fulfill its mission to deliver science related news, publications, career information and more to the world. Unleashed and AAAS worked together to create a website that grants control to its 20-30 editors and content managers over its content and media, improves search, and has key integrations and work flows in place to deliver relevant content and an engaging experience to its visitors. Read more about the AAAS website here.

This year more than two hundred sites were nominated and 2575 members of the community voted for their favorite sites. Congratulations to all who were nominated, it is a true honor to have AAAS counted among the best Drupal sites created in 2014.