Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) partnered with Unleashed to design and develop a new web property. This Drupal 8 site adds to the growing list of Drupal 8 sites that Unleashed has launched, now totaling over twenty-five. The new site launched earlier this month. The new site features:

Drupal 8 CMS

The new FIDF website was built in Drupal 8, providing the organization a more flexible platform for managing content. With the Drupal 8 website, FIDF can leverage the vast Drupal community as it continues to increase scalability, which will help widen the versatility and usability of its site.

Raiser’s Edge Integration

FIDF uses Raiser’s Edge, a donor management software, to handle donor relations, manage event registration, and track purchases. Unleashed integrated the new FIDF site with Raiser’s Edge to optimize and streamline the site for donations and user purchase tracking. 

Mobile Responsiveness

A pain-point of FIDF’s previous site was its appearance and function on mobile devices. The new site was built with mobile optimization as a primary objective. FIDF now has a mobile responsive site, and the new design has been optimized for mobile users. 

About FIDF

The Friends of the Israel Defense Forces was established in 1981 by a group of Holocaust survivors to provide education and wellbeing for the men and women who have served in the Israel Defense Forces, and the families of fallen soldiers. FIDF is headquartered in New York City and operates 20 offices throughout the United States and Panama.