Unleashed made its first official foray into the world of banking and finance by attending American Banking Association’s (ABA) Marketing Conference that took place in Austin, TX.

The conference that started on Sunday, September 22nd and lasted through today, targeted marketing teams looking to grow banks and hosted the brightest marketing professionals from around the country. Unleashed chose to participate based on its recent successes inside the banking industry, including Sandy Spring Bank that’s grown to more than 11 billion in assets and our newest partnership with Extraco Bank headquartered in Waco, TX.


Michael Spinosa, CEO of Unleashed had this to say when talking about why Unleashed is excited about entering the banking and financial market: "Unleashed is excited and heavily committed to industries that we can have a long-lasting impact on. Today, regional banks, community banks, and member-driven credit unions are ready to take the next big step in their digital evolution. By applying our industry-leading experience in dynamic web presences that adapt with visitor behaviors, we’re able to create engaging experiences previously only available to largest of organizations. Leveraging digital experience platforms like Acquia’s Lift backed by open source platforms such as Drupal and WordPress, we can open a new world into what’s possible and give new ways to make ROI a trackable and tangible thing."

Today, regional banks, community banks, and member driven credit unions are ready to take the next big step in their digital evolution. 


Unleashed sees incredible synergies from the association market when it pertains to helping credit unions connect and engage with their members. As Unleashed has always done, you can expect that we’ll be releasing research, education, webinars, lessons learned, and continually looking to help those financial institutions realize their vision online. Our goal is to create a lasting and constantly evolving web presence that can be directly linked to the on-going success of these growing banks and credit unions nationwide leveraging our high performance growth model.

A big thank you to all the wonderful people we met at the conference, from competitors, to marketers, to ABA staff, and the wonderful people of Austin, TX. We’re looking forward to making a positive and big impact on the banking world.

About Unleashed 

Headquartered in Columbia, Md., Unleashed is a leading web development and digital services firm in the U.S. with commercial and non-profit clients nationwide. The company serves enterprise clients in diverse commercial segments, such as banks and manufacturing companies, online retailers, and business-oriented trade associations. Non-profit clients include military and veterans’ organizations, national and state trade associations, and publishing and educational institutions. As global leaders in open-source web technologies, Unleashed was recently named a top 10 global leader in delivering professional services and has been recognized six years a row as the top design and development firm for both Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, Md. Visit unleashed-technologies.com to learn more.