Scott Greenwell


Tonight, Unleashed' Creative Director and Co-Founder, Scott Greenwell, will be honored as a 2014 SmartCEO Executive Management Award (EMA) recipient. As a founder of Unleashed, Scott has served as an executive in the company since its inception. Scott is a highly contributing member of the executive team, working closely with the CEO, CTO and President to grow the company organically, without funding, year over year. Scott works to empower each team member, from interns to managers, to take ownership over their work and pursue projects that help to improve client service, their knowledge, and the expertise of the business. What follows are remarks from Scott's long-standing design team members, Matt Curtin and Benjamin Guarino, as they reflect on their time working with Scott and congratulate him on his award: 

From Matt Curtin: 
"For the past three years, I have had the honor of being under the creative direction of Scott Greenwell, a 2014 SmartCEO EMA Award recipient. From my first day here at Unleashed, Scott has taken me under his wing and advanced my career in web design. My knowledge and skills in this field have expanded tremendously during my time here and Scott has played a large part in that growth.  It is truly amazing to see one person take on and excel in so many aspects of a business. From generating quotes and estimates, planning team utilization, providing creative direction and guidance to team designers, Scott does it all for Unleashed. He is always looking forward and encourages our design team to constantly expand our horizons to the latest and greatest web techniques and trends. Scott is the perfect example of a leader and executive that keeps a company growing and successful. I am honored to be part of the team with Scott and happy that he is receiving the recognition that he deserves."

Scott Greenwell is an exceptional leader and mentor at Unleashed and it has been my absolute pleasure to work with him over the past four years.

From Benjamin Guarino:
"Scott Greenwell is an exceptional leader and mentor at Unleashed and it has been my absolute pleasure to work with him over the past four years. As our creative director, Scott has demonstrated the highest quality in character and integrity as both a professional services provider and a co-worker. His work ethic and personal sacrifices set an example of leadership that defines a line at the gateway to a successful career in this industry. He leads his team with the utmost dedication and poise in day to day operations. His kindness and compassion are truly assets to us all here at Unleashed and make Scott an irreplaceable director. Scott has provided his team as well as the entire company with the finest wisdom and discernment when making critical decisions and facing challenges that may go above and beyond his required responsibilities. His outstanding leadership is a first-rate illustration worthy of replication. I am proud to work alongside Scott Greenwell and I am honored to now count him as my friend."