Title: What is User Journey Mapping and Why Should I Care?

Where: DrupalCon 2020

When: July 16, 3:15 p.m. EST

Presenter: Chad Hester, Senior Solutions Architect, Unleashed

Chads Session Card


Unleashed is delighted to announce our Senior Solutions Architect Chad Hester will present a live session at DrupalCon Global. Chad is a devoted member of the Drupal community and a sought-after presenter.

Chad’s session, “What is User Journey Mapping and Why Should I Care?” will be live on July 16 at 3:15 p.m. EST. You can watch the presentation by registering to attend DrupalCon Global.

DrupalCon is the largest gathering for Drupal developers, members, and users each year. DrupalCon would have been held in Minneapolis this year, but due to health concerns evolving around COVID-19, the organizers decided to go digital. DrupalCon, much like the Drupal solution, is and has always been evolving with a commitment to improving the attendee experience every year.

Chad is heavily involved in the Drupal community, so it is no surprise to our team that he is presenting at DrupalCon Global. Chad has been a member of the Drupal Association for more than a decade and has worked on countless Drupal projects in that time. He holds a Drupal Site Builder certification along with multiple Growth-Driven Design certifications and the Scrum Master certification. Chad frequently draws on his skill set to further the Drupal community, contributing over 20 fixes in the past year, and sharing his knowledge at many Drupal events, including the NERD summit and Baltimore’s Drupal Camp. This will be Chad’s seventh consecutive DrupalCon.

Chad’s session, “What is User Journey Mapping and Why Should I Care?”will teach you how to create user personas and user journey maps, identify how journey maps differ from user story mapping and user workflows and how to improve website usability using these tools. He will take attendees through a user experience exercise that evaluates the behavior of users and the emotional impact on them during a series of tasks. Incorporating a user persona and other user research to help identify areas where we can improve user experience leading to more efficient and higher converting digital experiences.

This session requires no prior knowledge or prerequisites to gain value from this presentation. However, it will help to have a basic understanding of human behavior, conversion funnels, business goals, analytics, and user research.

Add this session to your calendar and take advantage of the opportunity to learn about these valuable research and design concepts explained in an engaging, understandable, and user-friendly way from an expert in the Drupal community.