Manage Operations

Deploying your online store is only the first step to a successful eBusiness. You still have to promote your eCommerce site, and manage incoming orders, inventory, and fulfillment - and you have to do all that in real-time. 

To help you become successful, Unleashed Technologies has partnered with SalesWarp, an intuitive storefront management system. With SalesWarp, you can monitor all of your eCommerce activities, including sales, orders, product data, and warehouses, as well as the ability to export reports to existing accounting systems from one platform. To help you manage your operations, SalesWarp has the following features:

Inventory Manager

  • Centralized view of all your inventory in real-time across all your online stores & POS systems
  • Prevent overselling, cancellations and late shipments
  • Automatic issue detection & corrective actions
  • Automatic new stock updates
  • Gives you ability to make timely seasonal adjustments with ease

Data Feeds Manager

  • Reach new customers and spread brand awareness by linking your product data to various comparative shopping engines such as Google, Amazon, Overstock and more
  • Improve your site’s overall SEO ranking
  • Able to track and analyze to create content-specific marketing campaigns

Order Manager

  • Consolidates orders from all Webstores and POS systems
  • Automatic routing to the appropriate warehouse or fufillment center
  • Tracks order status including: Open, Complete, Cancelled, Aging…

Purchase Manager

  • Create & manage all your purchase orders
  • Receive new inventory
  • Easily add vendors, products & warehouses
  • Supports direct-to-customer shipments

Shipping Manager

  • Allows you to identify the least expensive shipping option
  • Automatically receives Ship Confirms from the warehouse
  • Tracks order shipment throughout fulfillment process

Customer Manager

  • Edit & view all customer history & order data
  • Create customer ticket systems
  • Track & link customers across mulitple channels
  • Includes an RMA Manager

Automated Events Manager

  • SalesWarp’s Event Manager allows you to automate all the recurring and mission critical tasks
  • Automatically add new products, update your Catalog & Inventory, process orders, customer notifications, ship confirms and more

Reporting & Analytics

  • With SalesWarp’s customized dashboard, track the information that is most important to your E-commerce business
  • Track all sales, orders, products, warehouses and customers
  • Easily export your date to Excel or accounting programs

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