Competition for online retailers is fierce. Consumers are constantly on the hunt for the best deal, quickly turned off by even a second of site delay and easily distracted away from your checkout process. When looking for a partner to handle your retail website’s development and design, you need to ensure that you not only have a powerful eCommerce website design, but that your partner understands the processes and backend support required to keep your site performing optimally for your visitors.

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When you partner with Unleashed Technologies, you get just that – a true partner. We work closely with you to understand how your business works, what your customers expect and how technology can best support your processes and goals. As a result of this partnership, you will be empowered to:

  • Engage – your customers with dynamic product pages, integrated marketing and promotional capabilities, superior search and an intuitive navigation and design.
  • Convert – With a streamlined checkout processes and optimized website hosting to keep customers on your site.
  • Control – From content and product to inventory management, you will have granular control over your eCommerce site.

Here are a few of the retailers who we partnered with use to transform their online business:

The Woodhouse Day Spa
The Woodhouse Day Spa
Maryland China

Open Source eCommerce Expertise

Unleashed Technologies are open source experts skilled in the Magento and Drupal platforms and able to support your online storefront with conversion-focused design, industry-leading development and performance hosting. Unlike other firms that charge you separate rates for different levels of expertise and huge fees for small changes, we have developed a Support and Growth plan that gives you access to all levels of experts – from design to hosting to developers – and the ability to continual enhance and expand your site at a sustainable monthly rate. Our clients get the support and maintenance they need while being able to add functionality and enhance design to stay ahead of their competitors.

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